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What is and Why have I started Blog Bling !!!

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  • What is and Why have I started Blog Bling !!!

    What is and Why have I started Blog Bling !!!, Sorry this may be a long read !!!

    Well I have just re launched my business Enchanting Tiaras, I have managed to secure a very good deal with a local bridal store and I am currently developing my website and I wanted to think of a really good way to try and promote my name and website.

    As most of you are probably already aware getting your website high up in the rankings on Google is really hard and takes up allot of time messing around with site maps and stuff and I’m sure you will all agree that when you are trying to start a business you can all ill afford to spend so much time on the computer trying to mess around with things that the majority of us I would imagine don't understand. Well this was the case for me anyway.

    My mom who is also a fellow crafter of wedding favours and stationary and other things and is a member of not only this forum but also another, where allot of the members have Blogs and are really into posting all sorts of things, its like a little community of crafters they all visit each others blog and make comments on what each other have been crafting lately. They also run something called Blog Candy!! some of you may of heard of it, the general idea is to get as many people as possible to there blog, those people make a comment set up a link between the two and then their name is entered into a prize draw to win various different crafting items such as ribbon a selection of cards and or stamps.

    Now I also read on Google after I submitted my site for indexing and created my account with them that having a blog linked to your website is a really good way of increasing your website ranking, along with trying to push as much traffic trough your site a possible even if those people are not actually buying anything, so I decided that this is what I needed to accomplish, it means I don't have to spend loads of time trying to figure out how to submit site maps and all of that technical stuff which I know absolutely nothing about. So along came my very first blog, however no one knew about it my mom helped me out by mentioning me on her blog and also putting up a link, but the traffic was still very small, then it occurred to me if I could entice people to my blog with something similar to Blog Candy I could then redirect that traffic to my site and that’s when I came up with Blog Bling. Hopefully you all find my Blog quite interesting in the process too.

    It was a brilliant idea it wasn’t going to take me much time to set it all up, and all its going to cost me is a couple of pieces from my collection which in all honesty I don't mind at all, there’s nothing I love better than to see my creations being worn by someone else that is after all why I make them in the first place. Plus it means my name and company name is being mentioned and hopefully when someone who entered knows someone who is getting married they may remember me. So in short I honestly can’t see any draw backs to the idea. Even if I only get a few people to enter Blog Bling and it only increases my rankings by a small amount I think it would all have definitely been worth it, I only started setting up Blog Bling yesterday and I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

    So if anyone is reading this and thinks it’s a good idea and that you, your blog and website may benefit from doing Blog Bling please please do it because I would love to enter.
    Sarah Phillips
    Enchanting Tiaras

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    Your blog, bling etc.

    Love the idea.

    I always thought that the best links to get - the ones which work the best are links with other blogs which are involved/about a similar subject/area to yourself?

    It'll be fascinating to hear what everyone else has to say.