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    I have been looking at selling some of my things on-line via etsy etc but wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of notifying tax dept etc and registering what i sell as I am not clued up on this sort of thing.

    Also i am going to be holding a stall at a xmas school fete and wanted to get some cards done but do you have to register a name if i wanted to call my jewellery by something other then my name for for example beads galore or something along those lines (thats not what i want to call my jewellery just an example)

    Also I have added some more pics if anyone wants to look.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Keekie

    You have to call the Inland Revenue Helpline for newly Self Employed (long name) you can do this even if you have another job too. I phoned them and they were really helpful

    I think if you want to get business cards printed then you generally need a name in order to create your logo and contact details.


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      Thanks i will have a look. I wasnt sure if i had a name i would have to register it before i could use it if you got me. I didnt want to start up an etsy site with a name to be told im not allowed.

      I will have a look at that link, thank you