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earrings a new problem !!

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  • earrings a new problem !!

    well after all the problems I've had with earring loops I now have another problem
    I keep making earrings to sell - no problem there the loops look good , I've been wearing mine and they haven't fallen apart yet !!
    but once I've made them I think they're so nice I keep them !! and the ones I don't like so much my daughter walks in and wants them
    help lol

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    Very funny! It's a sign that your work is the way it should be though, isn't it? If you were making it and thinking that you wanted rid of it ASAP, something would be very wrong!

    As people have said on here before, make one to sell and one to keep...

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      I get around that by wearing what i've made (not the earrings, it's a bit unhygienic) by the time you've worn them a few times you've made something even nicer that you want to wear, then you can put the other things in the sell pile. It's also a good way to show your designs off, so when people ask 'where did you buy that?' you can tell them you made it.
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        Ah that's where making 2 of each design comes in one for me one to sell.
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          You'll just have to make twice as many (or doubles) - LOL!

          This is so typical of jewellery making... loads of people here will relate to your dilemma


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            That's an advantage I have - I don't wear my own stuff...............................well.......... ...........not much...............anyway.


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              Originally posted by Peter View Post
              That's an advantage I have - I don't wear my own stuff...............................well.......... ...........not much...............anyway.
              hmmm........i'm a bit suspicious you don't seem very sincere
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                Welcome to the little narcissic burst of the artist. It is an often occurrence to become sentimentally attached to one's own creations. I usually do ladies' stuff and that is hard up to impossible to wear by a man and I still do regret when selling some
                Nevertheless, the feeling tends to wear down as you keep producing other items. I found it is easy to cut yourself from the feeling "I need to keep it, it's my best achievement" by simply challenging yourself to produce the next best thing, and the next one.
                Some artists have had anyhow troubles with their temper even when they were considered living deities. Vasari reports that the utmostly famous Donatello had a quarrel with a merchant about the price of a sculpture he worked for him (btw, Donatello was expensive since he was living, hehe). So he simply threw the sculpture from a high floor down in the street, where it got smashed in pieces. He said he'd rather remain with the pleasure of having carved it AND smashed it than selling it "like cattle". No comment...


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                  Earrings a new problem

                  The great thing about wearing your own goods, is that it's free publicity.

                  I always wear my pendants and find people ask me where I bought them. I then hand over my business card and tell them I make them myself. They seemed stunned that I do actually make them.

                  Wear your items with pride.

                  I know what you mean about making something then wanting to wear it. I'm the same. The problem.... not making any money!!

                  It is totally satisfying to wear what you make, especially when people comment on it.

                  Well Peter, I bet you wish you were a ladeee, then you could wear really pretty things??
                  Take care

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                    I have that problem with my wire wrapped jewellery. I have 2 pieces that I first made when I was learning about wire wrapping. I could have sold them over and over again but I refuse to, I love them too much
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                      I think when you make your own jewellery you feel very personally attached to it.....the only answer is to make another one to sell

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                        This is a real problem for me cos Nett wants to keep everything, even though there is no more room on the 6 foot x 2 foot x 7foot high pile that started out as a jewellry box!
                        The other problem is when I do get to put her work on the stall, she tells people off if they show too much interest! with little comments like "YOU DONT THINK YOUR GOING TO BUY THAT DO YOU"
                        She hasnt really mastered the basics of commerce


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                          A little trick to get around the hygiene aspect of wearing earrings then selling them - just put new earwires on.

                          Originally posted by urbtaf View Post
                          She hasnt really mastered the basics of commerce
                          Maybe you find someone else to work 12 hour days with no pay!

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                            The trouble with making something I like and want to keep is that I don't want anybody else to be wearing the same as I am. So if I make another it is never going to be the same as mine!


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                              "YOU DONT THINK YOUR GOING TO BUY THAT DO YOU"
                              She hasnt really mastered the basics of commerce
                              Oh, maybe she does. Negative marketing they call it. Negative marketing starts when the first lady who received a jewelery piece said "it's priceless".