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How reliable are crimps?

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  • How reliable are crimps?

    Hello everyone

    Hope everyone is well this lovely saturday afternoon

    I have been experimenting and i have started using crimps on my bracelets and then using a hook fastening. Thing is i have been cutting the excess wire off quite close to the crimp.

    Do u think this will be quite secure?

    Thanks in advance.


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    It should be. I usually use calottes with a crimp inside, and cut the wire so that none sticks out of the crimp and haven't had any problems yet (although now that I've said that, you know what's going to happen....)

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      I wouldn't think there would be any problem. I usually thread the end through the last bead and then cut it, just so there are no sharp edges.



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        I have found that provided you crimp carefully not using your pliers more than once or twice sterling silver crimps are extremely secure and you can cut your beading wire close to the crimp. However if you are using non sterling be extra careful when closing them as they sometimes weaken.
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          If you want absolute security that the wire will not slip out of a flattened crimp tube, then use crimping pliers.

          These wrap the crimp into a 'U' shape around the wire and increases the grip to the extent that if you make a mistake you can't get the crimp off !

          I'd really recommend crimping this way expecially for the ends, but for holding beads in place on a floating necklace, I'd just flatten small crimp tubes.


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            I have discovered that sterling silver crimps certainly are more secure. The cheapy ones i got before used to sometimes break when i crimp them. The sterling ones bent lovely and very secure.
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              I too only use sterling crimps cos they just work better. I personally am not a fan of snipping the thread next to the crimp - I only do it when I have to. I prefer to thread the wire back through several beads before snipping it off.

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