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current project ~ Bridal Alice~tri band

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  • current project ~ Bridal Alice~tri band

    This is my current project that I am working with, I wanted to solder but scared of melting the silver wire so thought I would just wrap the components in place.

    The wrapping on this image is not final, it is just showing the 3 different components I intend to use across the design.

    I am not 100% on the seed beads on either side of the pearl.
    Also I am unsure of how I will finish the bands themselves,
    a bead wrap, or wire wrap or untouched?

    lots of toying needed!

    I would be grateful on any thoughts and input on the piece.

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    that is really lovely!

    I think I'm with you on the seed beads to be honest......I think (and i'm not artists here so bear with me, lol) it may be better to have no beads at all - just a piece of silver wire - if you know what I mean!

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      Yeah i think a plain bit of silver would be better, in the sense that less is more. The seed beads seem to distract you a little form the simplicity of the wire. I do however love the pearl bead, so maybe do anohter smaller wire design but encorporate the pearl?

      Also i like the silver band as it is. Plain silver
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        Yup I think you are both right, thank you!

        Wish I had posted this up months ago! rather than drive myself mad alone

        Thanks for your much appreciated input x x x x
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          Buffy I love where your imagination is going with this one. Make sure you post the finished article. I agree leave out the seed beads and super glue the pearl in the middle of the wire to give the illusion that it is floating there all by it self.
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            Wow, I love that its stuning!


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              Hiya I aree with Di...glue the pearl in place espec if it's not the only
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                Thank you All x x x x

                I think I will try the glue in place idea but also I made a spiral effect around the pearl, making it look like a rose bud, with a leaf on either side using the silver wire, it looked very effective but I am not sure if it fits in place. My camera is broken at the minute, need to take it in grrrr

                I feel very encouraged by all these positive comments! thank you all so much! I've found the motivation to get on with it again now thanks!
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                  Oh that is gorgeous!
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                    I love the wire work, it's very artistic.

                    I think there would be customers who would like it plain, and some who would like pearls added.

                    If it's too fiddly to glue the Pearl in place, you could add silver tubes either side of the pearl bead.

                    This would save having to glue it, but would also add strength to the wire keeping the bands apart

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                      Thank you Louise x x

                      And Debbie, that is sound advice thank you will give that a try too.

                      At the moment I am stuck on this bit lol have spent all week end trying different bits and still waiting for that perfect look Pearls are neccessary on this piece as they are requested by the bride as she has a pearl coloured dress and theme.

                      If I make up a stock I may well not include the pearls
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