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    Hi all,

    Been doing some research etc online for courses etc.
    I would love to do a jewellery course from home though,
    all i can find is gemmonology which isn't exactly what I am after.

    I want to learn about the materials, properties & uses. Various methods of wirework, beading, findings and general jewellery making. Preferably all with a qualification at the end.

    Does anyone know of any such home learning course?

    My other thought is to Outline a course for myself and buy in some relevent text books and learn by myself.

    Does anyone have some good advice on either a home learning course or books that may be used for courses?
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    EP have DVD's in jewellery making but I think due to the equipment you would have to go to a workshop.

    ep Beads

    What are you actually wanting to do at the end of the course?


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      Thank you Carole I will look into that.

      I plan to continue making jewellery but with a wider knowledge and expertise on my materials and methods iyswim. I wish to sell my items online and hopefully build up a profit as time and my skills progress.

      I am more interested in bench work, that I can do from home as I no longer have access to a workshop, as you point out.

      I just feel that knowing the tools and materials well helps you to work in synch and having a qualification as such looks and sounds good

      My trade is a mechanical engineer but I can't go back to that job full time, and it is a full time job! So I have lots of experience with materials and workshops just on a very different level from what I want now! *blush*
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        I'm not sure a qualification would help all that much. I learn a lot from the internet. Youtube have a ton of videos on jewelry making. This site is amasing for wire work
        My favourite book is
        "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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          Hi Buffy
          Sorry to hear about the job, as you are in London there must be lots of classes available, with all the designer colleges around, the problem could be the prices, not too sure if any of the evening colleges would offer this type of thing.

          Good Luck in your venture perhaps you could make some things yourself and start from there.


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            Thanks Goldy! With so many books on the market it is so hard to know which ones are worthwhile!

            Thanks Carole, I have been making jewellery on and off for nearly a year now. I will continue on with that for now, Westminster college has a good course but I will struggle with childcare.

            I guess I just always feel I need to know so much and all at once! I flit from one thing to the next, I need to structor myself better so that I can stay on one line of focus iyswim. Thats why I like coursework as it has a structor I guess.

            I am going to make sure I put in as much time into research and experimenting as I do actual crafting. Patience will bring me the experience in time I suppose.

            Thanks again x x
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              I think any of us that has a creative mind flit like butterflies from one thing to another, I know I do, my DH went into my sewing room the other day and commented that he thought I had tidied it up! then went to the workroom and made the same comment!. He just does not understand what being creative is all about.

              Enjoy whatever you do and post the pic's here so we can all have a look. Have you though of a blog then you can ask for links, it is all free advertising, you never know you may earn the funds for your course and a creche in no time.


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                Hey Buffy i know what you mean about needing structure. After 6 years in higher education i am now struggling to make myself stick with one thing to learn it well lol.

                Good luck with finding a course.
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                  Thanks carole! thats an inspirational post! I think the blog is a great idea!I will post some exsisting pics here and look into blogging! my camera is kapput atm but this is another insentive to get it fixed

                  Oh! handcrafted and Carole I am so glad I am not alone in having a flit mind set! If I do find a home course of help I will be sure to share it with you all here.

                  Thanks x x
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                    Gemmology course is definately not the's more to do with the growth, geology and chemical composition of stones.

                    Perhaps you could check out whether a bead shop near you is running any classes.

                    Or perhaps look at Bead TV on-line. It's run by the Bead Magazine's web site. I haven't experienced it myself...I only know it exists.

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                      I have some books by a chap called Jinks Mcgrath. I bought "Jewellery making, A complete course for beginners" and was so impressed with it, I now have a few books by him. I trained many jears ago in engineering practice but working with bullion and precious gems is a different kettle of fish, these books have aided me so much.


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                        Originally posted by goldy1 View Post
                        Same book on is 23p cheaper and free P&P. Its also a new edition.

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                          That is one of the books I bought! I got the encyclopedia one on offer with it on amazon cos Auny wasn't quick enough with the pennies off

                          I would pass them on though, to be honest, they have basic workshop bench work procederes, which I have no access to at the moment. I wish I was still at work so I could skive and make some of those pieces especialy the findings how cool would that be? *sigh*

                          I am more into hand forming and beading / making beads.

                          So I guess through all this a "jewellery" course, prolly wouldn't actualy benefit much!?

                          I must admit (spell check doesn't kick in here :S ) I am short in patience but, as time goes on, experience is teaching me loads. And forums like here where others experience can help you jump forward

                          I really think I am going to open a site next month with stock to sell!
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                            It is such a shame that you cannot do what you would like. Bringing up children is great but you do need to go the extra mile for yourself and stretch the brain a bit more. A lot of colleges these days have day courses and creches, is that a possiility. It also gets you out for a bit of adult conversation. If money is an issue that could be difficult as grants are not usually handed out for these courses. Good luck, I hope you get to do what you want.
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