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I can't do it !!!

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  • I can't do it !!!

    kicks and screams
    I'm still struggling with the loops in earrings
    I'm getting soooooooooooooooo frustrated now
    I'm obviously doing something wrong and its driving me mad
    will post a photo but don't think you'll be able to see properly
    my loop looks drunk
    I can't cut the wire off neatly and end up with a bit sticking out
    I know they're crap so feel free to say so but its driving me mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Try making the round part of the loop with your pliers so that you have a loop with a tail at a 90 degree angle to the drop. Then hold the loop in flat nose pliers just above the tail, then using another pair of pliers, or your fingers, if the tail is long enough, gently bend the tail.

    Failing that you could always not wrap the wire and just go for a plain loop, the same way eyepins look.

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      I always find watching it being done helps. this is one way to do it. There are lots of vids on how to make jewelry on youtube.
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        Hi sunrise,

        check this out:


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          thats exactly how I do it !!!! I've sat in front of you tube and followed the instructions step by step
          what are side cutters are they the same as wire cutters
          I hate not being able to do things and then I become obsessed lol
          if its the last thing I do I will master it
          even if I went for a plain loop it still ends up wonky and big and looking awful
          I've lost count of the number of headpins I've wasted


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            You are starting your loop far to high. Bring it down to a couple of millimeters of the bead.

            Side cutters have the cutting edge on one side of the blade wire cutters have the cut in the middle of the jaw I think. I got mine from Maplins. try to find a pair that give a flush cut to your wire not a diagonal cut.

            Practice with some wire so you don't waste your head pins. old copper wirering will do.
            "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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              If your quite happy not twisting the loop to finish it then I find that cutting to the wire just high enough to make the loop then bend it to a 45 degree angle and then using round nose pliers, bend to get the (almost) perfect loop. It takes a bit of practice but I find that once you have the hang of it,it looks good.

              Hope that helps
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                Here is another video how to make them.
                It's very similar to how I make them, by making a P shape and then bending back the stem to make the proper shape, I find it is much easier to get a good round loop. Although a lot of instructions say to bend the wire 90* and then make the loop, the finished loop actually has a 45* angle like a Y so you end up with the wrong angle.



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                  right cant' do the twisting bit at the bottom of the loop
                  can't do the p shape
                  but have been practising lots and lots and lots
                  the bit I'm stuck on is where I can't cut the wire right up tight to the loop and its left sticking out what do I do with it ????? the one on the right shows where I've tried to bend down the bit of wire thats left and it just looks awful
                  don't think I'll be making earrings to sell though lol
                  do you think I'm improving ??? be honest


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                    If I'm doing 'p' ones without the wire wrap, I turn the loop and then indo it a little and cut the wire then redo the loop, that way the wire is cut at the right place for the end of the loop.

                    If i'm wrapping the wire round, once I have the majority done, I put my rond nose pliers in the hole, then use my flat nose pliers to twist and flatten the end so that it continues with the wrap.

                    It took me quite a bit of practice to get my loops right, so don't give up yet. Is there anyone local to you, or a bead shop who can actually give you a demonstration. I know the others have pointed to youtube, but sometimes I find having someone infront of me talk me through it is much more helpful.

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                      right what do you think ???
                      the one on the right is as near perfect as I'm ever going to get
                      the one on the left had a tiny piece of wire left which I've flattened down , its not perfect but its surely an improvement on my first attempt
                      now if I grow my hair long and buy a 100 headpins next time I want to make a pair of earrings I should be ok
                      please be honest if they're crap then say so I can take it !!


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                        I think they are fine

                        Just practice a bit more!

                        I could never master the 45 degree bend thing, so, what I do (do you have round nose pliers by the way?) is grab the end of the head pin with the round nose pliers and make a loop, when the loop is finished, make the 45 degree bend (I do everything backwards!).

                        The other thing I used to do was bend the wire around the pliers rather than use the pliers to bend the wire, loads of sore fingers and broken nails but it was easier when I was learning to do it like that.

                        After managing to make some loops I was proud of, I can now make really good wire wrapped loops, took me ages though!

                        Don't give up!

                        I have never been taught formally to do any of this, I have learned from books and figuring things out by myself, so don't be discouraged, just keep going! Plus if you end up with something that doesn't look like anything else, you have just invented a new design!


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                          so you think they look ok ish ???
                          yes I do have round nose pliers and I do bend the wire around the pliers
                          I just cant' seem to cut the wire near enough to the loop to make it look neat
                          quite good at getting them too near and cutting the whole of the head pin and making the beads fall off
                          is that any good lol
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                            Hi there,

                            You're doing really well. I've only been making jewellery a short while but I've come accross lots of free tutorias online to master the basics such as making loops, bead wrapping etc.

                            If I were you, you see the earring on the left? Where the loop begins is where I'd bend my wire at 90 degrees, so you've got an upside down 'L' shape. Then I'd snip the wire (I'm now realising this is hard to explain!!!) so it's the same in length as the strip of wire between the bead and bend, then bend the wire to make the loop.

                            It works for me and you just have to straighten them out/flatten them into your desired loop shape!!

                            Hope I've helped a little!
                            Carrie xx


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                              Hi Carrie
                              I think I see what you mean
                              will have a practise tonight and see how I get on
                              might have to order some more headpins tonight though ha ha ha