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Do any of you make/sell jewellery for a living full time?

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  • Do any of you make/sell jewellery for a living full time?


    Basically just wondering if any of you make/sell jewellery for a living, or is it not feasible? I would love to do this and leave my part time office job (even though i do love my office job)



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    I'm not sure if you can but others might correct me. I started my business just over 9 months ago and have only just broken even!

    it's going well but I think I'll be into next year before I really see a good profit. I'm registered for tax etc but I fortunate to be in a position to be working from home where there is no financial pressure for me to work. If you need the income I would keep working and making your jewellery in your spare time, selling it when you can and hopefully as time passes the jewellery business will become successful and the natural course will be for you to give up the day job.

    Good luck with it!


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      Hi Twinkle,

      I have been self employed for the last 5 years. I started as a Driving Instructor, but started to sell on ebay and realised that I could make just as much, if not more, doing that, without the hassle of cancelled appointments and business expenses, child care etc etc

      So for the last 2 years have been mainly buying and selling on ebay.
      I started Jewellery making earlier this year, due to buying some dichroic glass pendants from Phil (GlassKanvas) and thought how beautiful they were.

      Then I started to buy beads and then I started making!!

      I then decided how much better it would be to create to sell rather than buy to sell!!

      I am trying now to leave ebay due to all the changes and am moving items to ebid. (and wesite)

      As for leaving your part-time job, I must STRESS that being by yourself all day is quite lonely and yes I do meet people when I do craft fairs or sales, but still it is hard work for not a huge amount of money and quite lonely.

      It has even crossed my mind to get a part-time (1 day) job JUST for the social life!!!

      Decided on sports instead

      I would say that if you enjoy your job, stick with it, but if you find you are making a fair bit and can live from your jewellery sales........have a rethink later on !!

      Hope that helps
      Sorry for length of that!!



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        I work for myself from home, having worked in corporate I would never go back. Being honest things are tough at present and with the news that the credit crunch is going to continue until 2010, I agree do not give up your job unless you can afford to. I do a wide variety of crafts, sewing, embroidery, jewellery, cards, knitting this way I have become a one stop shop for gifts, this is where I get my sales from not so much advertising but word of mouth, I do advertise in 2 local village site directories, it's free, hence why I use them and they have a direct link to my website.

        Good luck in whatever you decide and this forum is always here to help and listen.


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          Originally posted by twinkle_77 View Post

          Basically just wondering if any of you make/sell jewellery for a living, or is it not feasible? I would love to do this and leave my part time office job (even though i do love my office job)


          Looks very interesting but I also love to do this. Selling jewelries can make me more money.
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            why don't you start off with party plan give the hostess a gift and % in goods of total sales at the end of the party. Also offer extra % if you get 2 more party bookings on the night. Do a few bead related games, it might help you to break into working for yourself full time.
            You will need to book several parties a week in the christmas season to cover the lull after xmas.
            Any other questions just ask.


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              Well i have decided it wouldn't be very wise to give up my job, it doesn't pay too bad either. Maybe i will keep making and keep selling at wrk and to friends and family, i wouldn't mind trying craft fairs one day-seems quite exciting!!

              I don't imagine it would be that easy to solely do it full time.

              I do agree with everyone that it is very addictive making jewellery.


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                selling jewellery

                Hi there

                I personally would not give up a full or part time job to sell jewellery. I started this year, got carried away making it as I love it. But.... was told it was good enough to sell and am trying to sell some, but I've spent over £100 buying stock and products and made not even £10! so my personal opinion would be don't

                Although............I may if I ever won the lottery!!

                good luck


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                  I still work full time. I've been making jewellery for a few years now but didn't start selling seriously until this year. Before I was just making things for friends and family.

                  I think with jewellery it is difficult to be able to make a living from unless you make either loads and loads of sales or sell pieces at very high prices. I also make a variety of stuff - cards, stationery, house stuff, accessories - and I am hoping this will help with sales.

                  My long term plan is to make jewellery full time but I am not expecting this to happen for quite some time.

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                    Well I'm very lucky to have been able to tak a huge leap with my hobbie by opeing a shop.
                    I started out with card making about 7 years ago, to keep my habbit going I would organise coffee mornings and attend fairs, at a fair I found a jewellery stall and i was hook. I wanted to up my bead habbit so began holding jewellery parties, there was nothing complicated the hostess got a gift for hosting & 10% off sales to spend on stock. Things went great until we had to move will hubies job so to keep my customer base I set up a free website and then came the shop....

                    ...sorry I'm waffeling LOL

                    Please don't think all the work before paid for the shop, sadly it didn't I had to do a 6 month part time job to help get funds to start up my business. I have only been opened 10 weeks and although I've had a great start I haven't had a wage yet & things have started to die down, I probably won't be able to get paid till next year!! I am lucky enough that we don't depend on a wage, I have a supportive hubs & by using the faimily saving to be able to set up my dream.

                    I think anyone to be able to do this full time you would need a website or a constant selling outlet & a good wholesale supplier.
                    Best of luck with your new venture & mind keep us up to date with your progress
                    Ger xx

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                      Urbtaf and I have a regular market stall 3 days a week. Its our only source of income and we do make a living from it - but a very small one!! And it hasn't been plain sailing and we don't just sell the jewellery that we make.

                      We started out years ago selling hair accessories and costume jewellery that was bought in. We realised that the only way to survive on a market is to supply people with something that they can't get from anyone else on the market so we gradually introduced our own stuff which is predominantly semi-precious gemstone jewellery. Customers that appreciate the gemstones started asking us for stones, crystals and healing related "things" so we did our homework and read up about them, found us a good wholesaler and began selling smaller items. Eventually we began to get a name for ourselves on the market (a good one!) and customers were actually seeking us out!!!!!! and asking us to get bigger and more expensive items for them.

                      So we decided to ditch the hair accessories and expand on the stones and also only sell either hand made jewellery or gemstone jewellery that was a bit different. We do buy in some stuff - gemstone chip jewellery cos quite honestly its cheaper to buy than it is to make, basic stud earrings and a few other things too .

                      After 2 and half years we are starting to make some profit but it could definitely be better.

                      My advise is to keep on your day job and do whatever you can to increase your jewellery sales.

                      Its not easy turning a hobby into a successful business - we're still trying - but I can honestly say that even though it is very hard work sometimes and quite disheartening when the money just isn't coming in, you do get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that your work is also your hobby.

                      I wish you luck whatever you decide to do and you must keep us posted.
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                        Aww u lots are such lovely people So many great responses and great advice!! I am impressed. Thank you guys.

                        I must say i have decided to keep my part time job now. It should keep me sane in the long term lol.

                        Yesterday i sat down to make earrings and i didn't get up for a few hrs. I made 10 pairs of lovely earrings. I am soo chuffed with my wrk. Made a few bracelets last week but i think i just love making earrings!!

                        SassyStyles - i have now spent a record £300- crazy i know. i only started making jewellery in July. I have to date made abt £100. (but that was only from 4-5 days of selling at wrk. So i guess not bad.I wrk in a school so i had a long holiday and just got back. so i need to make £200 and then more! Thing is i won't be able to sell at wrk forever so i'm thinking abt where to sell next.... internet,local chemists,crafts/fairs. We'll see. And i promise very soon i will download some pics for everyone.

                        Have a lovely day!!



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                          Wow!! £100 of sales since July is very good! You must be doing something right. Keep it up.

                          Another tip I'd give you - as you work in a school, if you ask nicely I'm sure they'd let you have a regular jewellery stall at all the fund raising fairs/days they have. Just make sure you have a good range of the cheaper items that are suitable for kids to buy and wear and you should do well. Also kids love to be able to pick their own beads and then you make the earrings while they wait - need to be up to scratch on speed for that one though.

                          And as for the amount you've spent . . . . . . . join the club. Bet I'm not the only one on here can spend that much in a month.

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                            Hi Auntynet

                            Not bad sales huh? Great idea re fund raising fairs/days at school!! Could you please advice how much i would sell each item for (i.e. the same prices as they are now) cos i prob will have to give percentage to the school obviously. Would i need to lower my prices down?

                            I will think about the cheaper items for kiddies tho.


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                              I have done a couple of events with the local church, well it is for the church and the primary school. When I first approached the vicar about it he didn't think that the committee would be happy with someone selling stuff where all the money wasn't going into the pot.

                              Then I asked about it at school, and was given the number of the guy in charge of the committee, I phoned and asked him and he was happy with the thought of charging me a stall fee (well it's guaranteed income for them). I was asked to pay £15.

                              The church mafia were a bit frosty with me the first time, but I did the summer fair and they were a lot nicer towards me.

                              I kept my prices as they are, they weren't the best events that I have attended, but they are usually only a couple of hours, and its a case of getting yourself noticed ... giving out business cards etc.