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Memory wire bracelet - help!!!

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  • Memory wire bracelet - help!!!


    I got brave yesterday and made my first memory wire bracelet. Hard to explain but what I'm trying to acheive is a bracelet with 3 loops that has seed beads to site on the underside and then focal beads on the top of the wrist. I'm having trouble trying to get the focal beads to line, I have one beads surrounded by 2 spacer beads on the outside loops and 3 focal beads sourrounded by the spacer beads on the middle loop. Is there a knack to getting them to line up or is it just a matter of jiggling them about until I get there? Or am I really trying to achieve the impossible? lol

    I was going to put an end cap on the end to finish it off but having read old threads about the probles with them think I'll stick to trying to bend the ends over. This gives me another problem as how do I know how far up the wire to put the seed beads?

    Ho hum know I know why it sat in my findings box so long.

    Any advice/suggestisons gratefully received.



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    Hi Debbie, if I'm understanding what you are trying to do right regarding the positioning of the beads I think you will have to jiggle them around until they sit where you want them (all part of the fun of beading ). When it comes to the loop at the end I would try leaving about 1.5cm after the last bead but this again will be a bit trial and error until you get the look & size loop you want.


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      With memory wire bracelets is it not difficult to get particular beads to sit above and below the wrists as in my experience the bracelet will turn and move whilst on the wrist. (Or maybe I just misunderstood,in which case-sorry)

      I too recently made some memory wire bracelets but was a little worried about the end caps. If I loop the ends will it not look un-pro? or how do I do it in such a way that it doesn't look too odd?

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        you can buy end beads for the ends of the memory wire that you can glue in place. I don't use these as I find them unreliable in how long they will stay stuck, no matter what type of glue I use. As long as your loops are neat and the same size, I'd say they'll be fine. I think I've only ever seen one or two memory wire bracelets for sale that have had end beads.

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          Memory wire bracelets


          The majority of bracelets that I make are on memory wire, (I do make other types too) & they are very easy to make. I think I must've made about 300 now & always use a capping bead to finish off the ends as I think a loop looks tacky - that is my own personal view, nobody elses. If leaving a loop on the end works for you, then do it.

          When I first started using memory wire, I stuggled to get the beads in the right place, I often had to start again to get the desired finish but it was worth it in the end.

          If I can be of any help, then pm me.


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            If you don't like using the end caps you can add some little "danglies" (technical term!) from the loops which makes them look better.


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              Danglies work for me too, it's a nice little touch which makes the bracelet more unique.


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                There's your answer just goes to show there is no right/wrong way - everyone chooses according to their own tastes & designs!


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                  Thanks for all your answers!

                  After a lot of jiggling I got the beads to line up as best I could and managed to make loops on the end. I don't think they look to bad, and I'm quite pleased with my first attempt.

                  I'ver read that some of you put danglies on the loop so I've tried doing this and can't decide if it looks right or not. My loops are to sit under the wrist if you know what I mean and I'm wondering whether the dangly would just get in the way there. Hubby doesn't like the dangly at all says it looks really wrong. I'm going to try and upload some pics into my album and maybe you could let me know what you think.



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                    Get some capping beads, very cheap & easy to use


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                      I do have some end caps, but after reading some old threads about memory wire bracelets I was put off using them as a lot of people were saying they didn't stay on.

                      As I'm hoping to sell some of these sets I didn't want to risk them falling off.



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                        Use superglue to ensure the bead sticks to the wire