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    Hi all

    the links below show some of my new jewellery items, which i am hoping to sell at a jewellery party but i dont have a clue where to start with pricing, i have had the beads for some time s i can even work out what they cost me to make... but if some of you more experienced people ould give me an idea of how much you think i could sell them at that would be great...


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    You need to work out a price which covers all of your materials costs, your time and any consumables (like glue), but make sure there's some profit margin in there which you're happy with. Having said that, don't set the prices too high, or it might put people off.

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      Do you know what each piece cost to make, beads etc?
      If you do total then add your time then double. Look to see if this is realistic or not. Pricing is not an exact science and is very much down to the seller and of course the buyer. Come back with the figures then some of us can judge. Also what is the metal, if nickel cannot charge as much as silver/gold.


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        The metal is only nickel on these as i wanted the antique autumn type colour to match the beads and i could not find any 'real' metal for this, as I said i have had the beads for a while so i am not sure what all the materials cost me at all, I would guess the necklaces probably cost me about £4 each in materials and the charm bracelet about £3.00, based on that i though perhaps £5 each for all of them but i didn't know if this is too much as they are only made from nickel although all the beads are glass.

        i am also conscious that these arn't the best examples of handmade jewellery as I am only just starting out with the jewellery i have dabbled with bits for myself for a year or two but i'm not to the standard of all you guys.
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          If you roughly figure out how much you paid for the beads, then double that amount. Then if you want you can add a little more on for the time taken.

          My bracelets i usually price about 8 pounds, necklaces between 10 and 20 pounds. It depends on the beads, if i use swarovski crystals then they are usually more expensive.
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            Hi, I can't add much to what the others have said about pricing, but wanted to say don't undersell yourself! I've had a look at your pictures and really like your designs. If it's costing you £4 in materials to make, you definitely need to be charging more than a fiver! If you're really struggling to know what it's cost to make, take a look at some suppliers websites to see what they charge for similar materials and work out an estimate that way.
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              As CeeGee says do not undersell yourself. If the materials cost say £4.00 try £8.00 this would give you some funds for your time and a bit of profit. Don't sell a £4 item for £5.
              I have a good friend who is also my neighbour, so handy, she always shops everywhere and I show her my pieces and ask if the price is fair. She is honest and will always tell me the truth, if you have someone who is similar this also helps.