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    I am relativly new to jewellery making but would like to hear from others as to how you all started selling your peices.

    Have you all sold via the internet or friends, family etc?

    Thanks Keekie

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    hello & but can't help with the question I'm afraid.
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      Hi. Start with sympathetic/supportive friends and family. Wear your own creations so that work colleagues, Mums on school run etc see what you can do and then get really brave and take a stall at a fair. If you have school age children perhaps they will have a Christmas fair for starters. Good luck.


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        We used to sell the bought in stuff and I started repairing bits and pieces, decided I could do this better (like many of us ) so I took some pieces apart, re-did them, put them back on the stall and they sold. This gave me the courage to take the plunge and buy my own beads. We gradually introduced the things I made to the stall and eventually realised that people want something different so we took the plunge and removed all the bought in stuff. We struggled at first but our perseverance paid off when we moved to a stall in a better position.

        My family and friends have only just started to admire the things I make - which was sometimes a little hurtful when I'd made something especially for them and I'd put some thought into it. I did quite a few school fairs when I first started and I also did a few charity events at local pubs which paid really well but now I don't have the time as I have to keep the stall stocked up.

        Whatever you decide to do, good luck and if you do come across hurdles don't give in - if I can do it anyone can.

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          i began making jewellery for friend and family (just as gifts) then when i decided to try and sell my things i set up a myspace account, this was because the majority of my jewellery is aimed at teenagers, and this worked really well, i've sold on there for a year and only just got my website online so hopefully this can only increase sales.

          i also hold stalls occasionally, but definately make a lot more profit from online sales

          good luck with it and let us know how you get on!



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            Thanks for all your replies. My mother in law has had a pair of my earrings and has said she has had many compliments which is nice.
            She is a mobile hairdresser and she said she would show my jewellery to clients.

            I will keep you posted



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              I sold my first 23 pairs of earrings at work and then a few to family. But then we have a lot of people working there ;o)

              but i am also thinking i can't sell forever at wrk. I will prob try a few craft fairs and selling on internet. But i also unsure how to go about selling on internet, what is the best way?