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  • Hosting a jewellery class

    I recently organised a card making day to raise money for my church. Although i did everything i could think of to advertise it, there were only half the number of people i was hoping for to attend. I was told that some people didn't sign up because i had written on the poster that i recommended children were over the age of 12 because we were using tools such as heat guns and craft knives.
    I did have one or two people complain about the price which was under ten pounds, i didn't think that was unreasonable especially as they made five cards including an exploding box.
    Even though it didn't work out as expected, we still raised 100 pounds.

    I have been thinking lately about organising a jewellery making class.
    The price of the class may have to be 10-15 pounds because of the beads. Would either the price, age restriction or anything else put you off attending this class?
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    It wouldnt put me off!! But mentioning children would make me think that they class is possibly for children and i wouldnt go incase i looked like an idiot going to a kids class. Maybe if you mention that this is an adults class though children over 12 are also welcome.



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      Thanks! I did think i could have a kids corner and put some beads in tubs and elastic or memory wire.
      If anybody in West Yorkshire, Brighouse way is interested i'll keep you posted.
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        wow i'd say that was pretty cheap!
        hope the jewellery one works out better for you


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          Thanks! I hope so too!
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