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  • Jewellery party concern

    I was really pleased as I had my first booking for a jewellery party booked in November with xmas gifts and bridal jewellery in mind.

    I have spoken to the lady a lot and have sent her information to give out to her friends etc but she has just emailed me to ask whether it would be ok to invite another jewellery lady.

    she met this lady at a wedding fair and she deals with pearls only and thought it would be good to have 2 different types of jewellery on offer.

    She is going to put us in different rooms (1 in the kitchen and 1 in the lounge).

    She has asked if i'm happy with this but how am i supposed to say no. I feel very dissapointed by this and now feel that I have to compete against someone else for sales although I have arranged the evening.

    She had originally contacted me about bridal jewellery and doing a bridal party for her so I had hoped I may have been considered to make her tiara but this other lady has a lot more experience than me.

    Am I over reacting?

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    I don't really know what to suggest.
    I don't think you are over reacting, i'd feel the same way.
    You could explain to her that as it is your first party you are a bit nervous and would rather she didn't invite her. She must have some idea about how you feel otherwise she wouldn't have asked if was okay to invite her.
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      Some tips for when you do your party....

      The one thing i forgot to take to my first party was mirrors, it had passed through my mind, i just forgot. Everybody kept on having to traipse upstairs to have a look!

      You should point out to guests what matches their outfits, once they try them on and see how well they a good 'un.

      To display it all i bought some pin boards from Wilkos and covered them in material, i laid my jewellery on these, then these were put on a table covered with a fancy cloth.

      I took my bead boxes along so people could mix and match, and design their own jewellery for you to make later. Also i needed my tools to adjust some necklaces to suit different necklines.

      I took some wine and nibbles too, but i would have thought the host would provide them so you don't have to. Some music in the background helps with the silences.

      I nearly had respectable ladies fighting over the same pieces. If you find out who liked what you can take orders for them, or make similar pieces if you only do one offs.

      Hope some of this helps.
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        Would you really be opposed to making them something in pearls if they placed an order? If you are able to do this you could suggest that the hostess needn't bother inviting the pearl lady as you will offer a bespoke service and anything they see can be adapted.
        You could say that it isn't the usual practice to invite two different jewellers.
        Sounds to me like shes being too tight to invite her friends over for drinks and nibbles twice!


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          Just checked out your website - absolutely loving your bag charms! Rest of your stuff is gorgeous too. What a talented young thing you are!


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            I really don't think it is fair or very thoughtful of her to invite somebody else along to steal your thunder (and possibly sales). As suggested above I would tell her that it is not usual for you to work alongside somebody else but that you understand her desire to offer her guests the opportunity of purchasing wedding jewellery made with pearls. Tell her that you can offer this service yourself and that you are willing to make to order. Well that's what i would do anyway!!


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              I agree with Janet and Jackson (no pun intended).

              You should explain that its not customary to have 2 jewellers at a house party - pub parties and/or fairs etc are different - and that you can supply pearl jewellery should anyone need it. I may also be tempted to tell a little white lie and say that you turned down another booking or 2 because this one was booked first and you wanted to make sure you could deliver any commissions on time so that she and her customers wouldn't be disappointed.

              Next thing to do is to make up some pearl jewellery / tiaras so that she can see that you can supply whatever she wants. You can make up some very basic but pretty designs fairly quickly - google for pics to give you inspiration if it helps but I generally find that any design made with crystals can usually be made with pearls when it comes to wedding jewellery.

              I know its not always easy saying no to someone but I do think you should stick to your guns.

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                Karen if the other lady works only in pearls and you work in other materials then dont feel threatened. It is not the first time I have attended a wedding exhibition and there has been another tiara seller there. What I do on these occasions is go up and admire the persons work and speak to them. Ask them questions long have they been doing this ...where do they come from...treat it like this forum...and make friends. She could give you useful advice or you could give her useful advice. She may be able to tell you who to contact to get into the wedding exhibitions that she attends. Not everyone likes pearls and not everyone likes other jewellery. You dont have to steal her work and neither will she infringe on yours, if she only works in pearls.
                It all depends on the service you provide. My guess is that you will do very well as pearls are really only worn for special occasions where as if you are using all sorts of beads and crystals and different designs for everyday wear....well I know what I would buy if I went to a jewellery party
                Good luck but I dont think you will need it
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                  Thanks for all of your replies.

                  I use pearls to make a lot of my jewellery particulalry my bridal jewellery which is made using crystals and pearls and she has seen examples of these.

                  I just feel like she booked me and has now seen someone else who she would like to have her party with so thought she would just have the both of us.

                  I suppose my concern is that if I say no then she will just cancel me but I suppose that would be better than me feeling uncomfortable particularly if I get shoved in the kitchen which would annoy me.

                  I may suggest bringing another crafter along with me who sells something other than jewellery to give her friends a variety.

                  I will email her and see how it goes. Fingers crossed!


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                    I wouldn't be too concerned. As it's your first party put it down to experience. Plan everything down to the last detail. You say this other lady has more experience but your stuff looks great and look well made.

                    Go along with plenty of business cards etc and really sell yourself. Think of it as a gaining experience and confidence at doing parties and you'll be well ready for your next party!

                    Good Luck


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                      I would feel annoyed as well.
                      My good side says, accept the party with the other jeweller with good grace, take along lots of colourful stuff and hope that you have more sales as not everyone wants bridal designs.
                      My evil side says accept, but check out the other lady's prices and styles and undercut her. Alls fair in love and war etc.



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                        my main concern is (and this is my own problem not anyone elses) that I love making jewellery and I know all about the beads and the materials I use and how and why I thought of the designs etc etc and I bore my friends and family to death with it but when faced with a real customer that all goes out the window and I can't string a sentence together!

                        My last fair was a disaster due to no one turning up but the lady next to me was very excentric and very chatty and every time anyone arrived at my stall she would just talk to them and they'd end up either being scared off or talking to her for ages and then not even look at my stall but I didn't have the confidence to sway them away from her.

                        I suppose wiith someone else there I have to sell not only my jewellery more but I also need to push myself forward more and I just can't do it and the really annoying thing is that I am not a shy person and in my day job I deal with clients all the time and don't have this problem.

                        I even have to go to court hearings and don't get as nervous as I do when selling my jewellery.


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                          I do feel for you and I think I would have been a bit miffed too if I had organised it all in the first place. I guess you could remind her that her party comission is likely to be lower if your sales prospects are split between two people...

                          Its always the hardest thing to sell your own work... try to talk about it as if it was made by someone else and you wont get so tongue tied. Anyway, a few good sales will get your confidence up I'm sure.

                          Good luck & hope its a successful evening whichever way it goes


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                            I think your stuff is lovely and will definately speak for itself! She has asked if it's ok cos she knows it really isn't ok at all but I would go extra sweet - ie kill with kindness Be lovely to her, the competition and the guests and win out that way. I am sure the pearl lady is feeling as uncomfortable but will she be as gracious?? (even through gritted teeth!!)
                            Ditto advice to chalk it up to experience.
                            All the best whatever you decide
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                              I'd be pretty miffed too, especially if I had provided invitations etc for her to send out.

                              if you have done a lot of the organising for her, I would make sure you are the one in the living room with the better sisplay space at the very least. Personally I wouldn't want to do a party in a house with another jewellery person, a craft fair is different, but a party should really just be you.

                              If you don't feel able to decline, I would let the hostess know that her commission will be much reduced by the presence of another jeweller, plus if you had though of doing a giveaway etc, tell her you won't feel able to offer that any more.

                              If this other person only offers pearl bridal jewellery, why not make up some very resonably priced sets which would be perfect as Christmas gifts - they'll be an almost guaranteed seller at this time of year.

                              I think she knows it's a bit off, that's why she's asking you.

                              Hope that helps,

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