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Time to shame my hubby.

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  • Time to shame my hubby.

    I know there have been lots of threads on the forum with pics of your workshop / space but they're quite old now so I thought just post this anyway.

    This is my hubby's work space. He can usually be found "playing with his stones" for a few hours a day when we're not on the market. I hasten to add that he doesn't make earrings here, he sits with a lap tray on his knee whist watching tv. As you can see, tidyness is not his forte but having said that, I've come to the conclusion that crafters fall into one of two categories: their either very neat, tidy and organised or they're not! My hubby falls into the second category.


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    Suitably shamed but I don't give a damn! Its my space and I like it.

    Free giveaway to anyone that can spot Wally.


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      Oh my goodness!
      I can't even tell what half of that stuff is! But as long as you are happy in it - that must be good! Actually I'm just jealous - i'd love a space like that - I hate having to clear everything away when I've finished
      Cathy xx
      I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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        The remote controller in pic 3 is a nice touch!!


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          It's amazing what men need to make a snack, lol.



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            Stop nagging Auntynet!! It looks fine to me. !! Sue xx


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              Originally posted by urbtaf View Post
              Suitably shamed but I don't give a damn! Its my space and I like it.

              Free giveaway to anyone that can spot Wally.
              Is Wally the blue machine thingy that looks like it has 'eyes'?
              Suexx She's a nag isn't she!!!!!!!!!!! he he


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                Hmmm thats how my craft space looks like lol! I am very unorganised

                Oh and when I read your title of this post I thought it said 'Time to SHARE my husband' LOL



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                  I know what everything is in that space and would kill for half of it. You think Wallies hiding in there your wrong. He's been lost in my craft room for 2 years. Don't worry Urbtaf it's not untidy at all. Anyway Auntynet can talk has she seen her counter at the stall lately. Go on Aunty I'm waiting for it.
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                    I'm yet to find a man who doesn't enjoy playing with his stones for a few hours every day.


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                      I bet you he knows exactly where everything is too...if you were to ask him for any tool he would be able to put his hands on it straight away!

                      To be honest I am not the tidiest person either you should see my room after I have had a customer...its like a bomb exploded because I bring all my bits and pieces out!
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                        That is quite tidy compared to my workspace but I still know where everything is - it's all in the big pile of stuff somewhere
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                 happy I'm not the only one thats in the 'messy' class of crafters <winks>.

                          I would be too shamed to show my craft room.....

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                            Wally is hiding behind the red piece of netting (?) in the tray with the stones, infront of the pencils. You can see in picture 3....
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                              Mind you, I bet some lovely stuff comes out of that mess.
                              Is Wally the Grinder like Wally the Wheel?
                              God helps them that help themselves.