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  • Can anyone help?

    Hi everyone,

    I make jewellery and have recently bought some ringblanks (think thats what they are called!) with 8 loops on the top which i plan to add beads onto, but as i have never done it before i am after some advice... do i thread the headpins onto a jump ring then onto the rings loops or do i just put the headpin straight onto the ring loops ( sorry for the poor explanation!) ? Hope you understand what i mean?!

    Also does anyone know what these type of rings are called? then maybe i could google it?

    I'm really excited about trying this as i love big,'standout' rings!

    Please could anyone help me?

    Many thanks x x

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    Put them straight on. If you add jumprings they will go too floppy!!


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      I agree with janet, if you putthem onto jump rings first they just kind of flop about.

      I've found the best number of beads to attach is about 20, 2 rows of 4 on each of the rings, then a row of 4 connecting the inner 2 rows - if that makes sense I normally use 6mm crystal beads, so anything larger you might struggle to get 20 on.

      I've attached a photo of one I made recently with 20 beads.

      Hope that helps,

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        Many thanks for that, your help is really appreciated!!

        Cant wait to have a go at making one now!