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  • Oh Heck!!

    I hope i'm in the right forum.... Just popped over from the soapy bit...

    I dont know if this new thingy I've started doing is jewelery or beads..
    I normally always soap but dabble like most in other crafts (weaving, clothes design etc).
    I've just had a weekend break with my OH after mega stressful few weeks (oh how i love campers)..
    Oh would not let me take anything soap related pretty understandable when you see the size of our camper... Umm problem for me as I like to keep my hands busy (no naughty jokes there please i'm british lol(err i think i am)..
    So unfortunate for OH's plastic but great for me I needed something to do on the journey and oh err a hobbycraft just happened to be on the way (ok I dont normally shop here but when in rome).
    Cut a really long story short...................... an hours browsing later I'm armed with pliers, wire and a mental amount of things with holes in..

    How do you know when you are doing sonething right and is it worth getting a jig thingy?

    I'm going to try and post some pictures in my album could you please tell me if its ok or not thanks xx

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    They are great and especially so as they are your first attempts - well done!

    Getting things right? - who's to say what's right and what's wrong! I've made lots of things that I wasn't completely happy with at the time but they have sold so I would say there are no rights or wrongs when you're crafting something, just different opinions. Remember - different people have different tastes so just do whatever you want.

    As for the jiggy thingy - don't know why but I get the impression you might like one. They're great for making your own wire creations. OH has one and he's always messing about making things but I've never really got the hang of it.
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    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      Looks good to long as you are having fun and would you use or wear an item...if so them probably others would too...Never a right or wrong way for craftin just Your way

      Know what you mean about keeping the hands busy...always think jewellery is a great one for hols can be packed into a reasonably sized box for trips away..hope you had a great hol/break!
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        Thank you for the replies oh dear I think I might be hooked, I actually sat and did almost a whole reel of wire making those loop ended bits, I didnt have much choice as my 20yr old son had took my bead box and left me with a pair of pliers and a reel of wire... It's really funny as the first thing he did was make a pink beaded earring and wont give me back my beads oh how the macho image

        "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies."