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    this might be a stupid question but is there an easy way to thread seed beads onto memory wire rings ???
    just made my first one which looks quite sweet but it took ages
    also does the memory wire for rings come in different sizes ??
    the ring is slightly big for me but I do have quite small fingers

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    Think it's quite time consuming whichever way you do it to be honest! The best way i have found is tipping your beads onto your craft mat (if you dont have one i would get one they are a great purchase and cheap and stop your beads running away and flicking up!) take the memory wire end between your fingers and just kind of hook them from the mat, when you have a few on there, slide them round to the end.
    Sorry, hope that makes sense, its quite hard to describe!!

    Memory wire rings are really fiddly and take me a while to do compared to necklaces

    Hope that helps! x


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      I got talking to a woman when I was in Burhouse last week (Urbtaf reckons he can't take me anywhere) and we got chatting about what kind of jewellery we make - me = gemstone and she = seed bead stuff. I commented that I can't be bothered with such tiny beads and she said "you should use a bead spinner". Reckons they are the dogs for seed beads.

      Obviously, when I got home I did a google search and found loads.

      Just wondered if anyone else has tried one.

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        I have one!!!

        It's a godsend when I am doing my flowers or needing to thread a lot of seed beads on one strand. But no good for weaving and such like.

        I have put seed beads on memory wire bangles and necklaces but can't see how to do it with rings as they are too small... you would struggle to hold it and because of the curve in it, it would be difficult to dip an end in to get the beads on.

        Be warned though, if you spin too fast the beads jump out, and you have to have the end of the wire/needle at just the right angle to catch the beads.


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          I have one as well! They are fantastic! I got mine from Fire Mountain Gems, but i know that you can get them from Ebay as well.


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            I have a spinner but it must be a rubbish one cos it is not as fabby as the two peeps above say!

            or maybe I am the rubbish one!


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                Peter, you may be happy to do things the hard way but most of us will always take the easy option if there is one!

                Have to say I've always been put off by how time consuming seed beads are but this makes it look easy.

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                Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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                  Hi...what a great little tool!!....

                  Have made hundreds of seed bead necklaces and memory wire bracelets.....
                  Always filled a pot with a selection of seed beads and held the one end of memory wire and just dug it into the pot always came up with a good few beads do it quite fast and drop the beads onto the wire every couple of scoops.....but hold onto the other end of the wire or it will flick up and can do alsorts!! lol
                  When l had enough of the seeds on then l would pick up a bigger bead for interest then a couple more scoops then a bigger bead and so on till filled the MW bracelet
                  Similar method can be used with a beading needle and and efficient and no need for another tool if you dont have one!
                  Was a method l used at a day centre....every one managed to learn how and loved making them
                  Good luck
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                    I have a beadspinner too and the key is - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

                    You have to get the angle of the needle right, the quantity of beads in the drum right (too many - I think you can imagine, too few - can't pick them up with the needle) and then multi-tasking ie using left and right hand at the same time, doing different things - which the other gender find quite difficult!!!