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    Does anyone use this company and have their delivery charges always been so high ?????

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    No and yes. On the bead forum I'm on the girls get together and order around $2000 worth at a time - it's the only way you get it to pay. I import from the US, and while the dollar is good the shipping and VAT duty kill any chance of ordering small quantities, even on a $300 order I'm paying nearly £40 duty and £20 shipping! I'll be glad when the Euro comes down.


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      Fire Mountain Jems

      Can't help with shipping and other info, but can say they have an excellent catalogue of products.

      I think it's a great idea that a few beaders club together and place a bulk order. More of that should take place.

      I've often been tempted, but I can't keep adding to my stock! (or so the husband tells me!).

      I am now keeping to one craft and that's that.

      I too order from the states (glass) and find that the customs duty can kill it. Bear this in mind when ordering.
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        Hey Peter, I think I may be on the same bead forum as you!

        I participated in one the other month. I only ordered about £14 worth of stuff, and there was no way that I would have been able to send an order like that just for me.

        Have started browsing and getting my lest ready for the next one


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          I've ordered from them before a few times now, by my self. Yes the shipping and customs duty does make it a little more expensive, but with the dollar value what it is, you can order nearly double the amount as you could ordering in the UK. Also Firemountain seem to have some things that I just can't get anywhere else and that's what keeps drawing me back.

          Would definitely be interested in a few people clubbing together for an order to save on shipping/customs, just not sure how we'd organise the logistics of it.


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            Originally posted by Delta View Post
            Hey Peter, I think I may be on the same bead forum as you!
            Yep, that's the one! Don't tell Pollie I've been giving her secrets away!


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              Originally posted by Peter View Post
              Yep, that's the one! Don't tell Pollie I've been giving her secrets away!
              I won't

              It was a damn good idea of hers though!


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                Hi, I placed quite a large order with Shipwreck Beads recently and they have this thing where they refund 5% of the order (for international orders) to help with shipping. They also let me pick normal mail instead of courier which meant that this time I was lucky with the customs (I know this won't always be the case).

                It's not just paying the duty - it's paying the extra handling charge for dealing with the duty. Now I won't deal with companies that only use couriers as I have found that the courier companies always charge duty (an quite often get it wrong and overcharge) and then add their fee on top, generally I am luckier when they post.

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                  I've ordered personally from FMG and it's worthwhile even with duty etc if you can get to the best price break - really worth it actually!

                  I've also taken advantage of the other forum's 'get together' - which works great - a lot of work for Pollie unfortunately but it works well when you only need a few bits and bobs.

                  If you're aware of duty etc then it's not a shock. It's when you're new to ordering from abroad and you get caught out that you get the biggest fright!