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  • Jewellery boxes

    I am looking for some magnetic closure necklace boxes for my jewellery.

    I have found some with box displays but they are quite expensive per box and I would like to find some cheaper.

    I have searched the net and Ebay but cannot find any others I like.

    If anyone knows of any or any good box suppliers I would appreciate it.

    Pic below

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    Why don't you make them, use double ard on the flap and outer box. On the double bits cut out say a rectangle shape and insert a magnet into both sides, cover with other paper and the box becomes magnetic. I know this is extra work but cheaper and as I said in a thread earlier today just makes the presentation a bit more special. You could even print your name on the box lid as they do a Tiffany's.


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      Thanks Caroline

      I would love to make my own and have tried to do so before but unfortunetely I am not that crafty and therefore did not get the professional look I was after. Well lets just say my 3 year old nephew could have done better!

      Plus things like that take me so long it would probably take me longer to make the boxes then to make the jewellery


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        CHeck this web site, it is still new and not complete, but they have good prices exactly for the boxes you are looking for :
        Magic in your life:
        Fine jewellery :