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Tumble-polishing chain?

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  • Tumble-polishing chain?

    Can anyone give me some hints on how to tumble-polish chain without it getting knotted and driving me mad?!

    I've only tumbled one chain so far and it got pretty wound up around itself so I know this is potentially going to be a big problem. I've got quite a few trace chains I want to tumble, plus some larger chains I've made up from links myself.

    Any help would be very, very gratefully received!

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    I use a tumbler for most things, but I prefer to use a sonic cleaner for chain - for precisely the reason that it gets horribly tangled in the tumbler.....not much help to you if you don't have a sonic cleaner though, sorry!


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      Not tried it myself yet, but I have heard that some put the chain around cut down ladders that you get in pet cages.

      Cut down so they just fit inside the barrel, this allows different lengths of chain to be accommodated by wrapping around different rungs.


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        Thanks for the replies. I had wondered about wrapping the chain around something, just wasn't sure what to use so the ladder idea is pretty handy although I shall try and see if I can think of anything that might substitute that I've got lying around . . .

        No, no sonic cleaner! And since the tumble polisher isn't that old, it'll have to do for quite a while before I buy anything else!

        Will do more thinking . . .