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  • Jump ring mate

    Hi there,

    Has anyone had experience using this 'jump ring mate'? I usually use 2 pairs of pliers but if it makes life easier i'm all for it!

    Cheers, Marie
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    Not used it but for that money may be worth a try, anything to help, I normally find that mine ping off just as I am about to attach the chain, most annoying.


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      Didn't even know such a thing exsisted,it's true what they say thou the simpliest ideas are the best.
      I'd be interested to know how good it is
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        I have one somewhere and I don't like it - some jump rings are too thick to fit in the slots and I feel I have more control with my trusty pliers. But then others might think they are brill
        Chris xx
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          Ok I have to be honest - for the price I was like ooo yeah worth a I bought it...but have never been able to quite work out how you use it....

          I'm a thickie I know!

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            I wouldn't be without mine.

            It has 4 different sized slots so any gauge of ring will fit into one of them. When I'm making stuff it just sits on my index finger on my left hand and I use the pliers in my right hand to hold the jumpring. Just slot the jumpring into one of the slots and twist to open as usual. It basically does the job of a second pair of pliers but, cos it justs sits on my finger, I'm not picking pliers up and then putting them back down again.

            I've even had people asking me where I got my "ring" from.
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              I actually have two of these (not sure how that came about!)

              I have used it (them), but I have to confess that I find it only useful for opening jumprings, but that may be because I struggle to use it when making charm bracelets, it gets in the way, so I resort to using 2 pair of pliers for fastening the rings on the bracelets.

              Other times I use jump rings, it's only a couple at a time and I forget that I have it, so never get it out to use.

              Maybe I should make an effort to get it out next time and actually use it!


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                I bought a jump ring opener years ago and when it came it was a 1" x 1" x 3" block of wood with a small screw in one end - sticking out about 1/2" - and a large screw in the other. It is easier to use than two pairs of pliers and the same basic method as the 'mate' the jumpring fits into the slot in the screw.



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                  Thanks for the feedback

                  Cheers for all the comments. If I decide to take the plunge and buy one I will let you know how I get on!
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