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    Hi everyone, Its hot and I'm tired and feeling far to lethargic to even sit at the computer ! So perhaps you can help.

    I had dinner with some friends last night to celebrate 4 birthdays, I made necklaces as gifts (naturally) and they were very well received, but during the course of the evening the subject of four 15 year old boys and their school leavers ball next July was discussed, and one of the mums asked me if I could make matching cuff links for them to wear.

    I know I have seen some for sale somewhere online but cant remember where, any ideas ?

    16 year old boys always wear what their mums want, right ?!

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    Absolutely no offence intended but reading that reminded me of a story.

    When my brother was a teenager about 16/17 my parents bought him a tankard for his big birthday gift(inscribed I think).Needless to say he wasnt as enthusiastic as they were about it.

    But I think the fact that the boys in question have somewhere to wear the cufflinks I think its a good idea as you will probably be solving a dilemma for them.Where will they get/how will they buy cufflinks?!

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