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At last !! if at first you don't succeed

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  • At last !! if at first you don't succeed

    try try again
    I've finally made a pair of earrings and managed the loop
    what do you think , they're still not perfect so don't look too closely but I'm quite proud of myself

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    Hey not bad. i have terrible trouble with loops so I tend to stick to the easy ones. hehe Hils
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      it has taken me ages and I mean AGES to get the hang of the loops
      I was determined to master it if it was the last thing I did
      the imperfections are only tiny so they don't notice when my daughters wearing them
      she's thrilled with them so everyones happy
      now what can I make now ??


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        They look fine to me. I like the colour.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Well done Sunrise. They don't look too bad to me.

          What should you make next?????? hmmmm let me think . . . . . how about a charm bracelet with dozens of wire wrapped charms/beads attached . . .. ok - maybe not just yet. But keep practicing and you'll be making them in no time.

          My first (and only) attempt at wrapped loops was just that. I set my sights way to high and made a bracelet with literally dozens of tiny drop pearls. It took me weeks cos I kept losing my temper with it and putting it down. The finished product sat on a shelf in one of my cabinets for almost 2 years (and rightly so cos it really wasn't very good) but someone snatched it up a few weeks ago. It was only priced at £7 cos it really wasn't very good at all but my customer loved it and more so cos she got it so cheap.

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            My only advice for loops and wrapped loops is ignore the instruction books and figure it out yourself!

            I can't make them the way they tell me how in the book, I do however make a pretty mean wrapped loop!

            Get some cheap wire and have a play


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              They are lovely!!!!!! i think simple, understated handmade jewellery always looks best. Well done you!!!!!!
              Lady Lora


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                Wont be long now until you can do them in your sleep
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                  Very pretty! I really like those!! Sue xx