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    I was wondering what is the best type of price tag to use for Jewellery when displaying at a show.

    Are the dumbbell type easy to remove from a piece?

    I have used the string tags on my jewellery so far but they keep getting tangled up amongst the wire and the beads and its very annoying and looks untidy.

    Any other ideas and tips?

    I make wire wrapped pendants and also semi-precious bead bracelets and earrings.

    All information will be gratefully accepted.

    Sukriti - A Beautiful Creation...

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    Before I start, I should say there are just pictures I already had, so they might be a bit hard to see what i'm talking about.

    Some items I price up, by putting a wee sticky label in with the box that I display them in.

    Or a label on the packaging.

    And for items that aren't displayed ina box or packet, I have wee white cardboard signs with their prices written on


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      I agree with the string tags they are a pain to untangle.
      I use the same method as Linz if they are in a bag or box and the dumbbell tags on loose stuff. They are only sticky on the flat pieces and not the middle bit so they will not mark chains or beads and can either be slid off the end or simply torn away.



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        I agree strings are a pain, if you have several pieces the same price such as key rings, hang them with a price clearly at the top of the stand, this way no fiddly pricing or removing when sold. An the stickers on the foam.felt are good as well.


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          Wish I could find an alternative to string tags, they are quite expensive to buy and messy to look at. I tried dumbells but for some reason the price seems to fade on them and you can't put them on every item.
          Chris W.
          Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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            Good! Then I am not the only one who hates the string tags.

            Thanks for your inputs people. I will try them and see how it goes.

            Well I have not actually done a show yet but am working on it. Someone has approached me to join a private show she is planning at a hotel in Stamford and I need to get the presentation right.
            Sukriti - A Beautiful Creation...


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              I've tried absolutely everything (I think!) and the best things are the plastic tags which clip together - I use silver coloured ones.
              If you write on them with a fine tip permanent marker they don't wear off and you can even put them in your tumbler if the piece needs to be cleaned off. They're a bit expensive but you can re-use them. You can also take the little rubber clip bit off them and slide the ear posts on studs through the holes, which is really neat. If you get the longer ones they slide onto quite wide rings too. They're quite unobtrusive and don't make the display look messy. For large items like chunky bangles, I have little white plastic prices that stand up. Hope all that makes sense!
              Best wishes



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                Ooo, this thread has come in good time as I was about to buy the ones with string!

                I thought they'd be handy as I could put the price on the front and a code for each item on the back but I've been fully put off by reading how hated they are, and why!

                Reckon I'll go for the dumbbell ones and find some other way of noting what I've sold - if I sell anything!



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                  Yeah I got in a tangle with the string ones too!

                  I vary:

                  Cheap round pink stickers - don't last but very cheap so doesn't matter so much - I like them because you can stick them anywhere (so to speak!) and add extras on top if you're not happy with the price.

                  Laminated pricing list - but everyone kept asking me the prices! They need it acutally on or right next to the item! (oh well - at least I had fun with my laminator!! It's sad how much I love it ).

                  What I really like doing is little pink cards, like name place cards, with a small square of paper with my logo and the price. These are really nice and help promote the brand but they do take up a lot of space and are a bit of a fiddle/can't change prices.

                  That's what I do anyway, if it's of any use!

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                    I like the string ones, am I the only one?

                    There are two ways I store jewellery before a fair, all items in individual ziplock bags - time consuming to unpack but at least everything is neat and tidy, the other way is a large box for each type (i.e. necklaces, bracelets etc) and wrap them all in tissue paper and place in box, or just a sheet of tissue paper between each item. the only time I have had a problem with everything tangling is when I jsut throw everything together in the box when I am packing up


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                      Price Tags

                      I use the string ones, 2 different types. I got really nice silvery grey plastic ones that I use on my sterling silver and semi precious stuff. I can write the name of the stone etc on it and no price. I then use a white card tag with the price. That way if the items is being bought for a present the person can remove the price but be able to tell the person what the piece is made of.

                      I don't get in a tangle coz like Pebble I have everything in individual ziploc bags on arrival - let's just say that isn't the case when I leave


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                        Wow! Thanks everyone, lots of very useful info here for me to think about.

                        I did buy some round stickers today and I think they will do nicely for the pendants I display in their own little boxes. For the Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings I like the idea of the plastic clip tags.

                        I am sure I will still get into a tangle myself unpacking and re-packing the items (I have never done a jewellery stall before), but I guess I will learn with experience.

                        I still have lots of string tags so I think I will give them another go until they run out but I do get annoyed with them
                        Sukriti - A Beautiful Creation...