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  • Jewellery parties

    Does anyone have any experience with jewellery parties?

    I have one booked for November for my mum which I was going to do as my practice run but now someone has booked a bridal/jewellery party and they want it before I do my mums party and therefore no practice run just straight to the real thing.

    I am worried as I can unfortunetly be shy in new situations (not great for this job I know!) and to be honset I am not entirely sure how I should start organising a party or what I need to do on the evening.

    For exmaple how long should I be there? Do I need to introduce myself (not good at public speaking)? Should I invest in some invitations for people to send out? etc etc!

    Help please!

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    Jewellery Parties

    Hi Karen

    I can't offer you any advice but I did log onto to ask pretty much the same question.

    My Mum has been wearing my Jewellery and one of her friends, having seen a few pieces that she has worn has suggested she have a party so she and her friends can see it all. I only started making jewellery for my Mum and I, and the odd gift as a hobby, I never imagined I would be having parties let alone selling it. I'm shy aswell so the thought of having to stand up and say anything infront of strangers is pretty scarey. But never having been to a jewellery party before I to have no idea where to start.

    I've been wondering about layout, invites, do I take orders for what I have made and duplicate it or just sell what is there on the night, how much should I take...... The list is endless! Needless to say I am spending every spare minute making jewellery, which with 3 little ones running around (and the little one up all night teething) is not often enough.

    Shame we don't live closer we could practise on each other! lol

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but I'll be interested in your replies.



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      I've only done one so far (have another booked with a friend and then want to really promote them), but feel free to have a look at the jewellery parties page on my website to see my approach. Can't post links yet so I'm afraid you'll have to go find it from the homepage menu! Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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        Hi Karen. I have done a few parties now and the best advice I can give you is to keep it simple. They are great fun and can be very lucrative. And if you don't sell much, it doesn't matter because it's not like paying for a stand at a fair. You don't really have anything to lose.

        Like you, I'm also very shy, but I tend to just stand back and let people browse and ask me questions. The hostess usually introduces me so I don't generally make an introductory speech or anything. I just answer questions when I'm asked.

        I tag all my items beforehand and I put them in the little plastic zip log bags, which I then put in a storage box. I try to group all my items together like bracelets in one box, necklaces, etc. It is time consuming when they're all in little bags, but I haven't found a method that works better for me.

        I have a spreadsheet with all my items and each piece of jewellery has a unique reference number. The tags include the price and the ref number on the back, neatly written by hand. Or if you are really organised, you can print all your tags with the price and ref number, but this is very time consuming. Trust me, I've done it and decided that it's not really worth the effort. Looks good though, but I just don't have the time.

        I then also have a little wire bound A5 size note book in which I write up all the ref number and cost of the items so I know exactly what I sold. Then when I get home I tick them on my spreadsheet as sold and I can keep a record of what profit I have made.

        And then I have a clip board with printed forms for custom made items. I have done a standard form with fields I fill out on the day like event date, hostess name, customer address (I usually give this to the customer to fill out), contact number & email address. Then I have a table in which I write details of the order like what it is, colour combo, cost, bla bla bla. I also just write little notes on there for myself for instance if they need it by a certain date for a special occasion, etc.

        When a customer buys an item, I put it in an organza bag with a little flyer I have on the table.

        So far, I have used a money box but I am considering getting a money belt instead. I think it's much more discreet and I never know where to put the money box. Make sure you have a receipt book as a few customers have asked me for receipts. And don't forget your float for change! Most people give me cheques, but I also get a few who pay cash. I have changed £50 a few months ago and just keep it in the money box as I have forgotten to get a float once and had to dash to the nearest garage in a panic and trying to get change from the person behind the counter. So there's always change in there and I lock it and hide it from hubby so he doesn't nick it for his lunch

        Gosh I've waffled a bit and I said first of all to keep it simple! Lol Reading what I've written above seem a lot but if you avoid anything too fiddly, you should be fine. But also, this is just how I do it and it might not work for you at all and if you come up with a better way, please let me know

        Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please give me a shout.


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          I've reached the magic number and can post links, so here it is!

          Jewellery Parties
 Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery
 Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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            Oh forgot to answer your question about invites. The hostess usually sends out the invites. And she supplies the drinks & refreshments. So apart from showing up and laying out all our jewellery, there's nothing else for you to do on the organising side of things.





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              I tend to provide invites for the hostess to give out 2 weeks before hand and then 2 days before party I contact her to remind her to confirm the party with her guests. I usually arrive about 15 mins before party start time to set up and then usually stay for 2 hours. I give a little spiel about how all the jewellery is handcrafted and unique and not mass produced or bought in and tell people if they have any questions feel free. I usually also let people buy stock on the night and place any purchases in an organza bag with my business card but also take orders if anyone wants anything specific that I haven't got in stock at the time. I take a small raffle prize and give the money from that to a local charity as well as a hostess gift I also give the hostess 10% off her purchases. It can be very scary first time round but with practise it gets easier I promise.


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                Hi, I have an open house a few times a year, plus do parties at other homes. I generally print and design the invites, with details and the date, along with such things as orders taken or selling from stock, this way guests know in advance whether to bring money or not. Also let the host have a catalogue in advance for anyone who cannot attend, along with order forms, you never know.
                A small friendly talk stating how you sell what your background is and thanking the host for throwing the party (I give the hostess gift at this time as it can encourage other guests to book future events) let them also know that if they book a party what they too will get eg % etc. The gift can be a surprise.
                Then step back and wait for sales and questions, take a deep breath and enjoy. Sometimes it is easier dealing with people you do not know rather than family.
                Good Luck


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                  How spooky..i was going to ask the same question! i seem to have made loads of jewellery and really need to start selling it so was thinking of doing a party, but like you have never done one before...i think Babushka's answer pretty much sums it all up, as i went to one a while ago and thats pretty much what happened.

                  Good luck everyone with your parties, make sure you let us know how they go!!

                  oh..and make sure the hostess has some usually helps to put people at ease (well it does me anyway!!)


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                    wine - it's the key to successful parties

                    It'll help loosen you (and the guests) up a bit and hopefully encourage people to spend their money