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Undoing crimps?

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  • Undoing crimps?


    This may sound like a strange request but I'd be really grateful if anybody has any suggestions.

    I was really tired last night but determined to finish the floating necklace I was working on. On checking my necklace this morning to my horror I've noticed that on the 3rd bead in I've missed crimping the upper side of it.

    So does anybody know a way of undoing the crimps on the 2 other beads that followed without damaging the wire so I don't have to restart the whole necklace again. In the past when I've tried to undo crimps I always end up damaging or cutting the wire. I've used Beadalon satin wire and just squashed the crimps flat with the flat nosed pliers, because I can't make them round.

    Like Louise on her thread I to have been having a nightmare with the crimping pliers, I've got 2 pairs now and I still can't seem to get the hang of it! I've even watched the youtube video but my crimping pliers still don't seem to work for me - I'm sure it's the pliers and not me lol!!

    Thanks in advance


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    The only thing you can do is imagine that when you initially crushed the crimp it was north south. Now you need to apply gentle pressure east west and if the crimp doesn't work loose, unfortunatly it's undoo the whole thing. or be sneeky and add some hypo cememnt to hold the beads where you have missed the crimp.
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      Thanks for replying. Think I'll give the gentle pressure east west way a go, then start it again if that doesnt work.

      I did think about the glue option but as it's a piece that I've sold and one of the first ones I wanted it to look right.

      Fingers crossed



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        I have done this so many times, in my elation for finishing a necklace or other piece of jewellery, I often miss a bit!

        The only way of doing it would be as stated above but does end up wrecking your wire more often that not. Be very gentle at first and try not to apply too much pressure.

        Hope you manage!


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          I've done this before too & ended up having to start again as well - crimps are almost impossible to 'un-crimp' and I agree with BBD that trying to squash them the opposite way is possibly the only way of solving the problem.

          Re; your crimping plier troubles... have you tried different sizes or shapes of crimps -which have you been using so far?


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            Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.

            I did manage to carefully to undo the crimps, after pinching my finger a lot and the wire looked ok. So I did manage to rescue it without having to star all over again.

            I've tried using all sorts of crimps from different companies including Beadalon #2 crimps, 2mm tubes, some unbranded crimps and I've just got some beadalon #0 as that is what the wire says I needed. I have just had some sterling silver ones come in the post, but I'm tryng to perfect my technique before I let myself loose on them.

            I confess I did buy a cheap pair of crimp pliers off ebay to start with, this was only supposed to be a hobby to start with making jewellery for my Mum and I. Only she's been wearing her things and people having been asking her where she gets it from so she's sold some pieces for me. Thought I'd better get it looking a bit neater if people are going to pay me for making them so I invested in some dearer crimping pliers p j minerals. They didn't actually say what size crimps they are for though, and although I can make the half moon shape with them in the first slot the second slot seems to big to make the crimp fold IYKWIM.

            So not sure if it's me or the crimp pliers, not sure I could get away with ordering anymore just yet maybe if I sell a few more piesces I can justify it.


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              I've done that a couple of times too, but luckily I've noticed my mistake before I've finished the necklace *phew*

              I so need to get some proper crimping pliers aswell
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                HI THERE.

                I posted the thread a while ago about crimping problems.
                I also got a cheap ebay pair of crimpers, and they were rubbish, the holes just didn't align and no matter what size of crimps I used I just couldn't get them to work.
                Then I updated saying that I had bought a great pair of pliers (agian from ebay but Beadsmith ones that cost about 10 quid) and also Beadalon 2mm crimp beads. This seemes to work great, but then I ran out of crimps and started to use my other ones - they don't work! They must be the wrong size or shape which is annoying because I bought 1000 of them, so have loads. I ended up going back to my old method of flat nosed pliers to use up the crimps.
                I have bought more beadalon crimps 2mm but they are more expensive so I am having to put the price of my finished pieces up to reflect this.
                Incidentally, my Beadsmith crimpers broke last night - I have only had them a couple of weeks and was not even putting a lot of pressure on them when the spring thing pinged right out of the pliers and flew across the room - so much for professional quality pliers! They still work but now they don't 'bounce' open and closed which is very annoying.
                Hopefully the new crimps will fit them.
                It is all very confusing - what pliers go with what sized / make crimps? Crimp tubes or crimp beads? What size? Sterling silver or silver plated?
                I find it all a tad confusing - why cant they just say "this set of pliers takes xmm sized crimp tubes or xmm crimp beads etc" - that would be so much easier.
                Anyway, back to the drawing board!


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                  I tried cheap pliers and cheap crimps and eventually took the plunge and bought some beadsmith crimpers and I've never looked back. They do take a while to master but I realised that its not worth buying cheap crimp beads either so I now use sterling silver 2x1 mm tubes whether I'm using sterling or plated findings and I'm very happy with the finish.

                  At first I thought it was extravagant to use sterling crimps on a plated piece of jewellery but they only cost a few pence each as opposed to 1p each for the cheap ones so its not really much when you're costing your work.

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