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  • Craft Fair query

    I've committed myself to my very first craft fair (!!!!!!! !!!!!!) in November but owing to other commitments I need to be ready by pretty much the end of September. So I might be posting a few increasingly desperate questions as time draws nearer!

    However, at the moment, while busily making jewellery, I'm also trying to figure out how to display things and something I'd love advice on is colours. I'm thinking of buying a bed sheet to use to cover the table (after reading some brilliant advice on this forum about such things!) but am unsure as to what colour would be best.

    Would black be good as a contast? Much of my jewellery is silver, with some beaded pieces.
    Or would that be too dark and over-powering and do I need something more neutral to kind of disappear into the background?

    Any help and advice gratefully received!!

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    If you've got a lot of silver, I would be tempted to go for a deep darker colour along the lines of green, red, blue or purple to get a nice contrast. I'm not a jeweller though, so you may wish to get more advice from people who make/sell similar items before trusting me!

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      I use a black bed sheet over my table as a base, but cover the top with a suede effect cream or pale blue cloth. I have also used dark red as a base again with the cream over the top. I find that coloured beads - especially crystals - look far better with a lighter background but if you use a cream sheet it can get dirty quickly brushing against the floor.
      Moonstone or opal effect beads look better on a black background so I use either a black velvet bust or board under those.



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        My only reservation with regard to black is that it is quite popular...maybe not so much at craft fairs but if you visit markets selling both handmade and imported jewellery...they often use black. I orginally used a deep pink velvet which was extremely pretty and great for crystals/pearls and black beads. However, I felt there was a clash with more vibrant beads. So, then I tried white but this was too bland and flat. Now, I use cream and that's nice and neutral. I also look for remnants in fabric shops and market stalls as it can be expensive trying to 'kit out' your stall so that it looks nice but without eating into any profit!

        Good luck for the event!



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          I use a kingsize white flat sheet ( kingsize will reach the floor and cover the sides,many fair organizers insist on this as it makes the whole place appear tidier as boxes etc under tables can't be seen) , I have also just bought a cream sheet that I will use for the first time tomorrow ( I did an outside fair today and no way am I washing and ironing the white one for tomorrow).
          I like my white cloth as I think it stands out , and looks bright ,crisp and fresh, I may buy a darker sheet and experiment never know till you try it.
          I think the best bit of advice I was given before doing my 1st fair was to set my table up at home ,that way you can tweek and fine tune your table before getting to the fair .
          (hope this makes sense, I'm really tired and need a hot bath and coffee !!)
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            Along the lines of having a big enough cover to reach the floor and to keep things looking neat and tidy, to cover your bits and boxes that go under the table...take along some big safety pins to neaten the corners on your table, like hospital beds or do a bit of quick stitching if you're feeling really enthusiastic!...even in the little church fair I used to do they didn't want any of the stuff under the table to be seen from the front or sides.
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              Craft Fair Query

              I used to use one display box that was cream satin fabric and on the other side of the table black satin fabric. The problem I found was that people were drawn to the cream fabric much more than the black side. My pendants on the black side hardly sold - although the same design.

              One day I asked a customer why she was drawn to the cream side - "it just stands out more" she said.

              So now I have changed the black side to cream and there is now more unity. I don't sell beads (dichroic glass pendants), but the principle is the same.

              Therefore I would suggest cream fabric - satin is great is it gives shimmer to the table top.

              Hope this helps.

              When you first start alot of what you do will be trial and error - you will learn as you go along. If someting isn't going right - just ask your clientelle why. Afterall, they are the ones buying your goods.
              Take care

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                Oh, wow, thanks so much for the replies and all so helpful.
                It was really fascinating to read what you said about the same items selling against one colour and not the other, Kathryn.

                I'm half tempted by a dark cloth as a contrast like Si suggested but at the same time I worry it might be too much of a contrast, if that makes sense, and also that it'll stand out, rather than blend into the background. But then if I put something cream on the top of it, like Melanie suggested . . . hmm.

                I guess the good thing is that sheets can still be bought cheaply, and I don't live too far from a material shop so can hunt out some remnants and hunt the markets too - a good idea, thanks Alison. Just don't want to spend too much in case the whole thing is a disaster!

                Thank you for the safety pin idea, Netty, that's brilliant! I'm sure making the covering neater will mean it blends into the background even more.

                Hope you're getting over the fair okay, Becky! Once I've got some things organised I will definately be setting up the table first at home!

                Thanks so much for all the helpful ideas