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  • Cufflinks

    Hi Ive been making jewellery since the spring and I havent sold any earrings rings etc then I made some cufflinks
    and I've sold

    6 pairs (but i gave him three for free) the pair that didnt sell im wondering what is wrong with it!! for that one i stitched some hemalyke cubes together and added crystals. The tigertail shows but i thought that beathon thread wouldnt be very practical for cufflinks.

    and making three more on commission (one is for a female)

    I didnt know there were womens cufflinks it's a little unusual eh. Im having fun with this experimenting with masculine and feminine designs!

    I thnk the womens cufflinks look better with a chain and bar.

    Have you made any? (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery

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    Hi Renata, Tried to look at your cufflinks but it didn't work. I'm not ajeweller so I can't help you there but I know if I like what I see and I thought your earings etc., were lovely. Liked the Beatrix Potter especially.

    I wonder what I was doing wrong - I will try again.
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      Your cufflinks look amazing - very unique and beautiful, but still masculine.
      Cathy xx
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        Your cufflinks look superb, but not as many men wear them as used to but as word gets round I'm sure sales will improve
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          where do you get the plain cufflinks from ???
          hubby would like to have a go at making some


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            My cufflinks are here, didnt want to clog up with photos! haven't added female ones yet
            I ordered some semi precious beads in greens and ambers and garnet, just wanted to use them all at once, and it's putting off other things!!

            10 silver plated pairs for £4.50 including postage:
            they are good for wire wrapping or using glue

            and the sterling silver ones are here: I dont know if that is the best price but they have a good selection

            Thats really cool you have a creative husband i like to see what men think is stylish
   (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals)
   Vegan cookery


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              Managed to take a peep. Lovely, and quite a variety too. Good luck with them.
              God helps them that help themselves.