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  • From earrings to bracelets

    Hi all

    Have made and sold quite a few pairs of earrings and i am trying to be brave enough to start making bracelets.

    Where should i start? I have beads galore so i just need opinions/advice on what materials i should buy/start off with to make bracelets.

    I'm thinking i will prob need memory wire cutters, memory wire and stretch elastic? Maybe wire which i need to get more of. I have seen some tutorials on memory wire where the ends are made into loops and the bracelets look really nice. Do i need special tools for making the loops or can i just use my round nosed pliers? Also what do u think about the stretch elastic, does it seem too "cheap" to use? I have bought few bracelets from Claire's accessories and they are elasticated but i don't think they look "cheap" so to speak. They are very pretty as the designs are lovely.

    Thanks in advance. Sorry if too many questions in one go?!


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    depends what market you aiming at. Stretch bracelets are cheap to make but can be fiddly, they look lovely thoguh. Wire bracelts obvbiously more expensive but depends on design, strength etc how much you use and how much to cosst.


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      Hi Twinkle, there are so many different ways to make a bracelet ! Off the top my head here's a few : you can use stretch elastic and still make something that doesnt look horribly cheap depending on the beads you choose...(i.e. there is a stretch 'boho' bracelet on my you tube vids) / use threads or something like tiger tail to thread beads & pearls / make & attach little charms to a length of chain that you have added clasp ends to / thread beads onto memory wire and use round nose pliers to make the loops (mem wire is very tough so need strong grip & proper cutters!), thread & knot beads onto waxed cords.... there are lots & lots of options !


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        I agree with the others that there's so much to choose from! I like the elastic because I find it quick to do and I can sell fairly low priced goods (great for some of the family fairs I do as opposed to craft fairs iyswim). Similarly I use quite a lot of thong for necklaces.

        Then I use the more fiddly stuff for more expensive jewellery that I can take along to craft fairs.

        Hope that makes sense!


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          Hey everyone

          Thanks for the great recommendations. Hopefully i will start on them soon!



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            Just go for it!! You will be surprised what you come up with!! When I first started making jewellery about 2 years ago, I made elastic bracelets and it was really trial and error because at first they would be too loose and then too tight (I practised on friends!)...I then tried charm barcelets, using very simple techniques...loops and wrapping beads onto chains. I just let my imagination carry me away! At the beginning of this year I decided to try earrings...I was really worried as I was coming out of my comfort zone but in fact it has worked out ok as I just used the same techniques. There are only so many ways you can use a bead in jewellery and I think it is the type of bead used and our souce of inspiration which makes it all so exciting.

            Good luck



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              Experiment with different clasps, barrel clasps look really effective and easy to put on could try making your own catches out of wire.

              Helpful to purchase some 3 or 4mm beads to space your beads, brings it together.
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                Thought I would bring this one to light again as there are some interesting comments and ideas for you newbies out there.


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                  Hi, I've just started making bracelets with memory wire and have found it very easy to do. The hardest part is turning the loops, all you need is round nosed plyers and a lot of elbow grease! as the wire is quite tough. This is the first type of jewelery I've ever made so I'm no expert and have managed to turn decent loops with very cheap round nosed plyers. One thing I would say is make sure you don't use beads that are too heavy as they seem to stretch the wire making the loops bigger and doesn't feel too secure on the wrist.

                  I found some good value pre cut bracelet memory wire from beadsunlimited ('dot' co 'dot' uk) and don't be put off by how small it looks, it does stretch to a nice size when you add the beads. And yes I would definately recommend memory wire cutters.

                  If you don't want to turn loops on the end you can glue on half drilled beads too, this looks better but is a bit more fiddly and adds to the cost of making the bracelet - I haven't tried this yet, but might do if I decide to make more expensive looking bracelets.

                  Good luck, hope you post some pics when you've had a go!

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