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pliers and wire cutters

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  • pliers and wire cutters

    do they need to be special ones for jewellery making
    hubby said normal ones from a diy shop will do but I'm not so sure

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    I think you may find with some tools that you see in craft shops pliers , wire cutters, you find in DIY stores at a 3rd cheaper purely because of the usage title.


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      The £1shop is always a good place to look for tools when money is short, they regularly have a few different types of pliers in as well as brilliant drawers and boxes to keep the HUGE amount of beads and bits in your bound to gather over the coming months.
      To start with you really need round nose pliers ,wire cutters and and smooth jaw pliers.
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        Hi Sunrise - I know it's tempting but I wouldn't go too cheap, when I haven't been able to resist a "bargain" they've ended up at the back of my tool drawer.

        The main thing to look for is that the jaws don't have any grooves (most of the pliers I've seen in DIY stores do) as the grooves will be transferred to your jewellery. I'd be choosy about your roundnose pliers because they tend to twist if they aren't up to the job and that is so frustrating.

        Good Luck with your search
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          Depending on what specific use I have for my pliers I decide on whether or not I'll pay more.

          I bought my side wire cutters from the market for £1. They work fine but I also paid a bit for a pair of memory wire cutters which cut much neater.

          I use some heavy duty pliers from a tool kit from Ikea for flattening crimps and other crushing uses. But I also bought a pair of micro crimping pliers which make a much neater crimp.

          Not sure if this is any help or just a random babble!

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            I started out with the cheap ones from poundland and later invested in the more expensive tools like Beadsmith range. Have to admit that the only expensive tool I insist on using is my pair of crimping pliers.

            My OH prefers the round nosed pliers with the 3 different "steps" that give you different ring sizes but I just cannot use them at all.

            I would say that its worth investing in a decent pair of snips as the cheap ones are ok but you do get a much neater cut with the better ones - just use a separate pair for memory wire.

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              Originally posted by sunrise View Post
              do they need to be special ones for jewellery making
              hubby said normal ones from a diy shop will do but I'm not so sure
              I agree with many of the comments here which is basically if you are just experimenting for now then you could start with cheaper ones but in the longer run they may not help build higher quality finish into your pieces. The first three basic pliers I would recommend would be round nose, chain nose (non-serrated) and side cutters to start with.