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  • christmas decorations

    with the help of google lol I've discovered a whole new world of goodies lol
    when I started making cards I was so excited to find lots of lovely things to buy and new skills to learn and now its the turn of jewellery making
    I've discovered these snowflake form things which are thin pieces of metal in the shape of a snowflake - you probably all know what I'm talking about ??
    anyway my head is now spinning with ideas of how I could decorate them with beads for christmas presents
    have any of you made them , how did they turn out and how would I attach them to a christmas tree ???

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    I've not made any xmas decorations since I made paper chains at school many moons ago

    However whenever I buy new decorations for my tree I always remove the string and replace it with shearing elastic in the same colour as my tree (used to be silver, now green). I find it so much easier to get the baubles on the branches with the elastic. You can get the elastic in a range of colours from any good haberdashery shop.

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      nope sunrise..... not sure what your meaning but they sound nice! You'll need to post a pic.


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        just had a lovely e.mail back from the lady selling the snowflake forms explaining how to bead them and hang them from a tree so am definately going to have a go at them , maybe just for family and friends this year but also possibly with a view to selling them
        love the idea of the elastic very clever lol