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Double crimp trouble

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  • Double crimp trouble

    There is probably a simple answer to this but thought Id ask anyhoo.

    Ive made a necklace with 2 runs of beads. Im crimping each end onto a fastener like normal but then do I try and get both crimps into one large crimp(which I tried, one side went gteat the other didnt work) cover or 2 small ones?
    I had to completely rethread them as the beads at the end were too big and they had trouble meeting at the fastener.
    Do I offset them as they kind of knock together as event eh small covers are biggish?

    I cant seem to find any tutorials.

    Help pleasey.

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    I read it as double CHIMP trouble

    And I wondered what you were upto to encounter such shinnanagins!



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      ok...... are you using a crimp cover?

      can you not just thread both strands through the same crimp, or is your wire too thick?

      it's tricky to line them up if you are trying to get 2 crimp beads into one cover, cos your crimps have to be in exactly the same place.

      you could get bigger crimps maybe

      or, if like me, you want to finish it using the materials you already have...... try the above!

      I think I have understood what you were asking! hope that helps


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        For example, if I was making a two strands necklace that was fully beaded, I would graduate the beads being smaller as a got near the end.

        I would put both the wires through a calottle and secure the ends with a 2mm crimp tube, using crimping pliers and close the calotte.

        You haven't said what type of end fitting you're using? so the above may not be sutable for you.

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          Aha, calottes, thats a good idea, i shall look into that.

          Ta all.

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            Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
            Aha, calottes, thats a good idea, i shall look into that.

            Ta all.
            Is it a pair of trousers, is it a skirt? It's neither, it's both.......

            On a more serious note, make sure you get reasonably quality ones, the hinge on the cheap ones tends to break easily