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    I put a post on here a while ago about silver plated v sterling silver and following a really good response and huge debate I have decided to start to make my jewellery using sterling silver.

    I have been searching the net for suppliers and have so far found that Palmer Metals seem to be the best value in the UK. Has anyone used these as their prices are considerably lower than anyone else and they have a larger selection?

    Also would you recommend using PM's rather than a supplier in US and do you know of anyone even cheaper than PM's (although it's unlikely)?

    Many thanks

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    I have not done any comparisons on this as I am yet to break into Sterling for my jewellery (I am close though) sell s/s wire by the reel sell loads of sterling components and have free delivery! I am about to place an order with them in the next few days so cannot vouch for them at the moment.


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      I ordered some products from Palmer Metals and I am really pleased with them.
      And they really seem to be the cheapest around.
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        There is also slimbrand which has good prices for findings
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          I have placed a few orders with PM now and so far I've been really pleased with them. Very quick delivery and their quality is very good.

          I have recently started giving people the option to have orders made in either silver plated or sterling silver, and most people go for sterling silver. I find most people would rather pay a bit more for better quality if they can afford it. But I'm still giving them the choice.


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            im always saying this but Cooksons are realy good. they compete realy well with palmer metals and between them you're sure to get a great deal. the tube from Cooksons is the best you can get. i remember palmer where a few quid cheaper on a 10m or so lenth of wire, so heres not much in it.
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              I've used the silver corporation (dot co dot uk) since I started and have always found them to be good. Cooksons are good too and cheaper on a lot of things, but not everything so make sure you compare the two. Haven't tried Palmers yet. I like the fact that the price is set in stone with silver corp (makes pricing simpler!), but with the larger wholesalers it fluctuates according to the trade price of silver.

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                For those of you who use Sterling Silver, our site has a good range with competitive prices. 99% of orders are dispatched the same day and the postage rates are low. We sell lots of other items as well, such as Swarovski, Toho, Beadalon etc

                Since Sterling silver is a metal that is mined, and all raw materials and minerals are in short supply, the price of silver can flucuate on the metals market.

                So prices across various web-sites can vary depending how much the silver was when it was purchased.

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                  I always order sterling silver findings and etc. from thesilvercorporation. Delivery is free and fast, just what we need



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                    I always end up back at Cooksons - I compared prices and thought that they were cheaper on the wire I was buying.

                    A word of warning though... I have just bought Brilliante silver wire (which is more expensive than standard sterling) in .8 for earwires - It is tarnish resistant which I thought would be very useful but it doesn't seem to ball well with a torch so it's great for earwires but not for making head pins or anything that needs balling - I'd be interested if anyone has had experience using this wire.
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                      I am so glad I found this post, I much prefer using sterling silver to silver plate, it feels so much better, and I look foward to trying out the suppliers you have all kindly suggested, thanks for sharing them.



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                        Just spoke to a very helpful lady at Cooksons who explained the differences between the silver wires for me! She did mention that they are going to stop stocking 'brilliante' wire in the future and replacing it with argentinium as this is both fire resistant and tarnish resistant. Hope that is useful info.
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                          I've just placed my first order with palmer metals this morning so I'm hoping for good things, I decided to use them as the prices are really good and they are 5 mins away from me so I can collect






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                            I have always used Cooksons for my silver. They also have a great service of refund for scraps which is useful if like me you cut something out and wonder what to do with the left overs.

                            I have tried brilliante wire once I was making something and thought I would use it. I found it much harder to anneal and use although it soldered easily enough.

                            Not sure other than using up whats left I would ever use brilliante again but I would like to start working with Argentium later this year.
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                              oh wow I didn't know about the scrap thing and I have a huge bag full of it!
                              I'm off to find out more...
                              Helen xxx