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  • Stretch Bracelets

    Im a relative newbie so advice is always needed and welcomed!!
    I am making some beaded bracelets (for my own pleasure) and would like to attempt some stretch ones using quite heavy semi precious gemstones. I have never tried this before and would like advice as to the materials needed and what type of knot or closure would be best. I really dont want it snapping and all my lovery beeds going everyhwere!!

    Also is there a rule to the length of elastic required, should it be tied when stretched etc etc Any help really!!!!


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    I am not sure if elastic is the best thing to string heavy beads on.

    The problem is that it stretches and falls off if it is too heavy.

    Would you consider memory wire?


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      I certainly would Pebbles, although i have never used that either- in fact i have just viewed a video clip on another thread about how to form the loops at the ends! Thanks for that, that is probably the best solution.

      Any suggestions on what to get and where to get it then??


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        If you use double thickness of the type of elastic that frays your bracelet may last awhile but your beads will need quite big holes. Alternatively use one mm thick elastic but sometimes in hot weather the knot wont meld so watch out for that. Any type of knot will work you just need to make sure it is tight without breaking the elastic, there is a bit of a knack to this.
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          If the holes are big enough it's a good idea to put a little glue or clear nail varnish on the knot and slid it into a bead to hid it. Hils
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            I Think you are trying to make power braclets that were big a few years ago. these were made on what I call shearing elastic. elastic with a fabric coating.
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              You could go for belt and braces I think, maybe knot the 1mm stretch magic and use crimps to grip the loose ends to the bracelet (if that makes any sense at all). If you use tornado crimps you only need a set of pliers not special crimping pliers which can be fiddly. Mind you having said that master crimps and so much more is open to you including big beads.

              I made this bracelet ages ago and the blue lace agate beads are huge!

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                Thanks everyone - your experience is so valuable to someone like me just starting out! I guess i am allowed to make a few mistakes along the way but with your guidance i'll not make any costly ones!

                La Vidalerie that bracelet is stunning - what is the blue stone you have used there??


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                  Hi Nikkid, thanks very much - the stones are blue lace agate and the cubes between them rock crystal.

                  Good luck and if you want to try elastic I'd use genuine "Stretch Magic", it comes in different thicknesses and I've found it to be very reliable - I think it works out at less than 18p per metre.
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                    I used to make a lot of bracelets with elastic and there is a definite knack to tying the knot. I had a great diagram I got from my local bead shop, it basically instructed you to tie a reef knot (left over right and over, right over left and over) then tie another knot over it, the kind where you wrap the elastic round two fingers and shove the end through (lol- what?)

                    so the second knot keeps the first from untying

                    I will look out the diagram if that makes no sense at all