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  • Memory wire

    Is this worth expanding into?
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    What do you mean?

    I make bracelets from memory wire and they are reasonably popular. It really depends on who your target market is I suppose


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      I've wondered this handcrafted.
      my friend does a good trade in memory wire bracelets but I've never done them.I have thought about doing a teenage range in them but if i'm honest i'm not to sure how to finish the ends , I know you can turn them into loops but I'd rather have a stopper bead on the end
      so ladies ( and gents) do I glue a bead into place on the end or is there a memory wire end bead I can buy?
      any tips much appreciated
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        Originally posted by beckyboo View Post
        do I glue a bead into place on the end or is there a memory wire end bead I can buy?
        any tips much appreciated

        Whilst bead ends are available for memory wire, many bead sellers, myself included have stopped selling them. The reason is that they are not guaranteed to stay put and however much you key the surface and whatever glue you use they can and do work loose. I want my jewellery to remain intact and I therefore coil the ends. They look neat because I keep them uniform. I also attach a tiny dangle to each loop.
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          The tiny dangle helps cover up the loop too, I started doing this recently and it adds that extra something


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            Sorry i was a bit vague. I guess what im asking is if compard to using wire etc, is memory wire much different to work with. Do people like it as much etc.

            I wouldnt know where to start with it really. If you dont have a stopper bead at the end how do you mean a loop at the end?
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              Memory wire is sold in rings of different sizes.
              Its hard to bend, so really should stay the shape it has come, but to make a loop.. grab with round nose pliers at the end and turn it back on itself. This does seem impossible when you first have a go, but you get used to how much force you need to use.
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                Here you go:
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                  I bought memory wire chokers, and bent into a bracelet (hexagonal) but it was not easy and im not sure if i like the beads i used (green shell one at the end of the list on my jewellery page, i dunno whether to take the photo off becase my style has changed), so better off buying bracelet wires.
                  You need wire cutters, normal scissors won't cut it.

                  Before bending the loop, place a small bead at the end and then loop, press flat and push the bead over the end, i think this tidies it up, if for instance youre making a floating necklace.

                  Also, crimp beads will probably need a touch of glue as the wire is smooth.
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                    I think memory wire is pretty versatile - i.e. in addition to the usual jewellery items (necklaces, bracelets, rings) you can make items like wine glass charms with the ring size, napkin holders or candle decorations with the bracelet size (can vouch for those having just sat and made 8 of them with my son!) and so on!


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                      Bracelets are quite good for older ladies who can't do up clasps on their wrists easily. I have sold several about 3 coils long with pearls and crystals or gemstones. They do take a lot of beads though. You can also thread short lengths of hollow rubber cord between beads, If you don't mind a shiny effect scooby (Scoubidou) cord works as well.



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                        I am still having problems making the loop at the ends of memory wire bracelets. Have tried the bead ends - these look OK I think, but I didn't realise they could work loose. Also I do sometimes superglue them to my fingers instead of the bracelet.
                        Can anyone recommend some good pliers for bending memory wire? I don't want to mess up my good ones, which are quite fine. I tried some I nicked from the OH's toolbox but I ended up with a very flat loop.
                        By the way - I found that if you fold the end back on itself instead of making a loop, it is liable to snap!

                        I'd really like to raise my abilities above my current bodge level with these.



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                          My favourite pair of pliers are really good quality german round nose pliers, the best you can buy according to the man in the bead shop. The cutters on them even cut memory wire which is tremendous!

                          If you are going to be using memory wire a lot I suggest you invest in at least one really good pair of pliers as it is very hard to bend

                          My top tip though is bend away from the curve rather than with it, I find it easier in this direction.

                          Hope that helps


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                            Thanks Pebbles.

                            You don't happen to have the make of the pliers, or a suggestion of somewhere to buy them do you?

                            Methinks I just need lots more practice - but some good pliers might help.


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                              Memory wire is tough because it is Steel so you'll not snap it.

                              Start your bend about 1/2 cm in from the end and keep moving the pliers along, bending at the same time. This will prevent the loop going flat. Also, don't grip with the end of your round nose pliers, instead grip the memory wire at least half way or higher up the pliers. This will add strength to the grip making it easier to bend the wire.

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