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To barrel or not to barrrel that is the question

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  • To barrel or not to barrrel that is the question

    Hi, I’m looking for a few pointers on the new bracelet I’m making.
    It will contain 6 oval onyx stones on 6 oval links using a bezel setting, using .3mm silver sheet to make the bezel.
    My problem at the moment is how to polish the bracelet; normally I just drop them in the barrel polisher. But this is the first time that I’ve made one with set stones.
    Should I :-
    1. leave out the stones and polish ?
    2. Leave out the stones but fill the bezel with wax to give the bezel extra strength?
    3. Set the stones in and some how cover them up during polishing?
    Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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    Why dont you make a "rough" bezel the stick it in the tumbler to see if it's alright? I usually tumble without the stones but onyx is pretty tough..
    If you tumble with the stone then I'd suggest plumbers tape to cover the stone + regular checking...
    Nic xx
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