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  • Chain

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum and looking forward to getting to know & chatting with you all.

    Can I ask where everyone buys their chain for necklace making from, most sites seem to just sell cord & tigertail etc.

    Ive taken a peek at some of your websites, which all feature beautiful jewellery beautifully presented - something to aspire to !

    Hope to here from some of you soon !


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    Beadsby design on this forum sells chain. sell it too.

    I as yet havnt found exactly the type of chain Im after so I am still looking!

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      i buy mine from any of the above or, also look on ebay, i've had a few bits off there as well

      the bead shed is a good ebay shop, i think i've had chain off her before


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        Thank you both.

        I've had a look, unfortunately at everything else as well as chain and now have a very long shopping list !

        Roll on pay day !



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          HI Cheryl,

          I just buy mines from ebay, if you search for user name


          She is good to deal with among plenty others, i always get my goods within two days. She's not that cheap for beads but she is for chain and tiertail and stuff.


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            I get mine at boyes,it's usually in the hardware bit of most stores where i've seen it!


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              Originally posted by Claudz
              I get mine at boyes,it's usually in the hardware bit of most stores where i've seen it!
              If you are making jewellery with chain from hardware sections, then you must disclose this to the buyer (if there is one).

              Chain that is used for making jewellery complies to the eu regulations on metal componants with the levels of lead and other poisonous or absorbable metals. Chain that is designed for hardware use is not designed to be worn next to the skin, where the chemicals can be absorbed into the body.

              The other thing you may need to be aware of is that solder for jewellery should be used rather than electrical solder which contains really high levels of lead.
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                I would never have thought of buying chain from a hardware store - and now I guess I never will again !

                Thanks for your comments.


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                  Hi Cheryl,
         is quite good for chain in different colours. Otherwise I usually search around on ebay as I love using vintage things.
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