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  • Fimo

    Hi, have you ever looked at the stuff and thought where do I start?!

    I made some pieces: turtles, lilies, roses, but I don't want to use them for anything because they dont go with anything. I spent over £6 on 4 colours. Now Im just going to make them into round beads!

    Just wondering if you have any tips to make fimo look interesting.
    Do you like the look? What do you team it with?

    I tried marbling some but kept going overboard to try make it even and the colour mixed! (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery

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    Have you tired making fimo lentil beads-in mixed colours?
    Chose five colours that compliment each other, drop in some special fimo glitter to if you like, chop them all up into small bits, roll them together, cut into even amount, and roll each into a small ball. Now you have a round bead, now get yourself a cd case (preferabley one you can see through), rest on top of the ball, and the start to routate the cd case in an anti clockwise direction. Go at a fastish speed and rotate for about 20-30 time. There you should have a lentil bead, it's up to you if you make the hole before or after cooking. If you didn't understand these directions google it there is loads about it.