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How long does it take you to make a pair of earrings?

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  • How long does it take you to make a pair of earrings?

    Hey Peeps

    i am new! Just wondering how long it takes you guys to make a pair? Last night i made 4 pairs and it took me an hour, sumtimes i can sit there for ages and not be able to design/make a pair, it is sooo frustrating when that happens, arrgghh!!!

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    It always varies depending on the design of them. If its just beads threaded onto headpins then it only takes a couple of minutes - once I've decided what order to thread them.

    Don't be disheartened - I've been making them now for a couple of years but when I first started I guess it used to take me ages. You know what they say ..... practice makes perfect.

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      Hi twinkle. I suppose it depends what kind of earrings they are and if you're wire wrapping the beads. Simple ones only take me a max 10 mins but others can take hours if each crystal or bead is individually wire wrapped. And then it depends if I b*lls it up or not and have to start all over again.

      The more you make them, the quicker you get.


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        If I am making them with lots of dangles I sometimes make loads of the dangles with all sorts of beads and then put them together afterwards, and I usually make all the bottom parts and then attach them to the ear wires all together.



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          Thanks for some good tips and suggestions.

          I started making earrings 3 weeks ago. Actually it has been a year i have been thinking about making them and now i've actually started. sooo excited!!

          I took 11 pairs to work on wednesday last week to see if i would be able to sell any and they went like hotcakes and then i got orders from people. Thursday i sold 5 pairs. and 3 on friday and 3 today. Loads of people are buying for their friends and families and they haven't even started buying for themselves yet. So quite chuffed. xmas might be a really good time to sell.



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            Keep up the good work. You will get quicker the more you practice. And don't forget to keep some to one side so you can build up a stash for xmas. Swarovskis go down great - especially clear ab crystals with accent colours in typical xmas colours - ie siam red, dark emerald, dark sapphire & especially purple velvet.
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              Yes, Alot depends on the intricatcity of the them. I made a few things last night, but the seed bead ring was the longest by far and most probably, if i am honest, the worst!!!

              I am still practicing!!
              Great if you can sell them at work! I am actually thinking of getting a "job" just to so******e and sell a few bits



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                Ooohh it's soo nice to get replies so quick after my last post.

                Auntynet-Thanks! Will keep those lovely colours in mind for xmas.
                Glamglass-I'm sure one day we will be making jewellery with our eyes closed-yeh right!

                I am not actually brave to start making bracelets and necklaces yet.

                Enjoying making earrings for now.

                Will have to give some to my cousin - she has her own salon at home (she is a hairdresser). She told me to give her some to put/sell in her salon. She has all the rich customers coming to her ;o)

                Better get to it. Only thing is i need the time to actually make them, i work part time and have 2 small children so it is hard finding the time. And i only like working in natural daylight and soon it will be winter, bleeuurgghh.


                p.s my sis has taken pics on her camera of my work and will be taking more pics this week. I will try to put them on here soon.


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                  I agree with other folks, it depends on how intricate the earrings are - sometimes takes me 5 mins for a simple pair, sometimes 10 x as long.

                  Well done for giving it a go though, you'll be hooked before too long...

                  tip for winter, try a lamp with a daylight light bulb- that way if you need to finish a piece and its getting dark, you'll have some light to work in, not ideal I know, but it might help if you have lots to make on the run up to Xmas



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                    I used to take a while making a pair of earrings too hun, dont worry you will get quicker with practice, especially at the rate your selling them, you will be a pro in no time

                    Why not make some mobile phone charms/purse dangles, they are just as quick and easy as earrings, and great sellers too. If people dont want to attach them to their phones, they can attach them to their keys or purse, you could add a little lobster clasp on the ring instead.

                    All i made for about a month when i started was phone charms and keyrings and earrings, but i soon got the urge to move on to bigger and better designs lol, you will be using the little seed beads before you know it! I never thought i would be able to do anything with seedbeads especially when peyote/herringbone/raw weave etc were all like foreign words to me hehe.

                    Good luck, and keep up the good sales.

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                      Pretty much agree with everyone else! I started by just threading beads onto a thread for simple bracelets and then moved on to earrings necklaces etc, now I make bookmarks and napkin rings too although I got the inspiration for the latter in a craft shop in the USA. Hair salons are aa great place to sell your jewellery, I have my own salon and am having a jewellery party on next Monday evening at the shop, loads of people have taken flyers so hopefully will make some sales, could do with the money like everyone else!!! Selina


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                        I made about 10 last night but they were simple, and i think elegent. Helped along with csi/law+order and diet coke!!
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                          O good one! I can make a pair in about 5 minutes or so, once I got gorgeous beads it's easy. I often make a number of similar pairs, but with different details.
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                            Originally posted by RenataHarris View Post
                            I made about 10 last night but they were simple, and i think elegent. Helped along with csi/law+order and diet coke!!
                            haha. I cant make and watch Tv at the same time yet! I suppose that comes with practice.



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                              i only create dangling earrings, so, it's about a few minutes to make one