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what do i use???

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  • what do i use???

    hi all!

    Im going to make a necklace with some jade stones. There will be 33 stones on it so i need to string it on something that i know wont break!! What should i use? Should it be some king of wire? So far iv only been stringing onto that clear stretchy string. But i dont think that would hold the necklace in the longterm.

    Can i just go to b&q and pick up some thin wire???


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    I see you are in Coatbridge; your choices are therefore: Beadchic on Crow Road, they have something called softflex, it's great when you have rough beads, but I reckon it's ugly (ok if you are going to be covering it with beads though), and it is pretty expensive.

    The Art Store on Queen Street; i.e. near the train station, they sell tiger tail, I think 30ft for a couple of quid.

    Hobbycraft at The Fort, I am not sure what they have but I think they may have beadalon wire

    Also, for your shopping list: crimps or wire guardians, I have never used the latter but they come highly recommended from the ladies on here. And all the obvious; like clasps etc.



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      Good advice from Pebbles. I use Beadalon soft flex for all my bead stringing. I'd rather spend a little bit more and be confident that it won't break. I also use either calottes or gimp wire with crimps.

      Hope that helps.


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        thanks ladies. i ended up going to hobbycraft and getting Beadalon. Its quite expencive though isnt it! £6 ! But hopefully it will last a while.

        iv ordered some other bits and bobs from ebay but they havent arrived yet so i couldnt finish my project. Got all the beads string though and am just holding it together with crimps till my stuff arrives. Its looking nice though. Jade beads and iv added some velvet ribbon instead of a chain. Bracelet and earrings to match. Once iv finished i'll post a picture.