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Setting a square stone

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  • Setting a square stone


    Another stone setting question from me!

    Does anyone have any tips for setting a sqaure stone using bearer wire (the one with a little ledge). Do i need to cut into the corners a bit so the corners are nice a flush? I've not set a sqyare stone before and I dont what to mess itup!

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    its fairly hard to explain this one.

    make sure your measuments are accurate is the bigist point i can make. you cant assume the stone is a geometric square, make a note of the lenth of each side and add on half the thickness of the wire at the widest point to each measument and scribe the measurment onto the wire. (so if the stone is 4mm in each dimention and the wire is 0.8mm then scribe lines at 4.2mm, 8.4mm, 12.6mm and 16.8mm) if you've got more than one stone to set, make then all out on the same wire
    you then need to cut IN to this line with a fine saw blade and widen this with a three square and then carefully finish off with a square file to gat a 90 deg cut. gentle anneal and pickle. then bend and solder.

    dont be put off its its not right, about 1 in 3 or 4 fails when i do this! just make everything as flush and square as you can.



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      Thanks Chris.

      I assume where you are cutting into the wire will be the corners? Also what is a three square?


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        In your needle files if you have them there is one that is a triangle.
        From what is described I think it will turn out lke a miterd corner. Like on a picture frame. does that make sence?
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          Ah yes! thanks!


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            check this out, its not for a square stone but but you might get some idea;

            w w

            also, check out the rest of the site, its a gold mine.


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              i dont know why thay call it a three square, i think it means an equilatural triangle as there's another triangular file called a knife edge which i think is a... another kind of triangle who's name escapes me (and googleing would be cheating!)


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                Hey again guys,

                Arg so frustrating I can't get it perfect! When smoothing the bezel over the stone- how do you make sure the corners don't bunch up or look huigher than the side? Or am I just doing it all wrong? I hate not getting something right- I suppose it will come with practice...


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                  On the subject of a 3 square file it has 3 faces and 2 of them form a square corner (90 degree)
                  When rolling in the bezel, work it in stages going from one side then the other and the ends bit by bit not round and round hope that makes sense I know what i mean I could show you but I'm not good at describing. it is not something that can be rushed, I had a few practices with cheap rhinestones before moving on to expensive stones