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    Hi All
    I am doing my first craft fair in 2 weeks and I am really nervous as I normally do parties and work from a kit which I then take orders. I am contstantley changing my kit to keep up with the times. I have no idear what to take to a craft fair any suggestions. Mybe I am in above my head.
    Any help from ladies that do craft fairs would be great
    Thanks Lyn x

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    Will you sell finished jewellery or the kit? If it's finished jewellery, I'd do a few pieces in different colours and not 2 identical, the more choice the better, long, short, 1 strand, 2 strands, with a drop, without, etc.

    I've just done a fair where I hardly sold anything, the weather was too nice after the weekend before which was horrible... Craft fairs are hit and miss.

    There was also nearly half the stalls with bought in goods and I was quite disappointed with some of the stuff that was allowed in actually. There was only 3 jewellery stalls, me, another lady making her own silver jewellery and a guy with lots of bought in goods which you could find at the likes of Claire's!

    Have you got displays, like busts, etc, and a nice velvety fabric for the table?.... Don't forget change, people only seem to have £10 and £20!! And a mirror to try and help sell! Also don't hesitate to talk to your customers, some will back off but others will share their love of jewellery, take an interest into the jewellery they may already be wearing, etc. And business cards, especially if you usually do parties.

    You're bound to be nervous at your first fair but you'll soon realise you worried for nothing!

    Good luck

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