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  • Made this for mum

    Lots of members of my family have been given presents of my jewellery on various occasions but the one person and the most important person to me is my mum and I hadnt as yet made anything nice for her. She is an elderly Italian lady who wears only gold (shes is also very ill and doesnt go out anywhere) and as I work with crystals I wasnt sure if I made her something she would wear it. I had been toying around with the idea to make her a set of rosary beads using swarovski crystals (something I knew she would use). So thats exactly what I did. The crucifix and centre piece are sterling silver and I had to import it from the states. I used 1 inch sterling silver eye pins to make the links between the crystals. The crucifix and centre piece are specific to the Sacred Heart (our local parish) and with them having the red stones on it I decided to use siam crystals to seperate the 10 clear crystals.
    It is my first attempt at making a set of rosary beads...I hope you like them.

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    That is quite beautiful, I am sure she will love it.
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      hiya Dizzy

      I really love that, its beautiful and classy.
      I've been wanting to make rosary beads for my mum in law for ages but I didn't really know where to start.
      I may use your gorgeous piece as inspiration ( if you don't mind).

      I'm sure your mum will be thrilled with it.
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        that is a beautiful piece of work.

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          its stunning ! Let us know her reaction when you give her them. And i hope her illness is nothing serious. Hopefully she'll be well soon.


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            WOW..that is soo lovely. Im sure she will treasure this.

            maiden x


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              That is realy nice and sooo trendy at the moment I've seen quiet a few teenage boys wearing them???
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                i'll bet your Mum was very pleased and touched that you'd made something so personal for her
                i love rosary's and catholic medals especially the sacred heart even though i'm not catholic or even christian.

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                  That is beautiful and I'm sure your mum will absolutely love it!



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                    Awww that is so beautiful and I'm sure your mum will love it..
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                      that's beautiful

                      that is gorgeous, I bet she will adore it.
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                        Thank you for all your kind comments.

                        Beckyboo....if you need any info on how i went about it id be delighted to pm you.

                        I gave the rosary beads to her on sunday after i had our priest bless them. He was delighted that i used my talent to make them and i got a kiss on the cheek for making it! Mum loves them and she uses them to say her night time prayers.
                        Mum is 74 and her list of illnesses reads like a medical journal. Double heart by pass, ostio arthritis, hernia, kidney removal due to bladder cancer but she is kept going by the visits from my great nephew!

                        I have a friend who is going to be 60 soon and I have been wondering what to get her as I have given her presents of jewellery before....I am now thinking she would like something like the rosary beads also.
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                          Oh that is so beautiful!!!!!! It must have taken ages!!!! I bet your um wil be so touched and thrilled with the lovely present. She has a lovely, caring daughter! I am sure she will treasure it. Happy birthday to her!! Sue xx


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                            A beautiful piece of work, and made the more precious because of the love that went into making it.



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                              A truly stunning and thoughtful gift, well done!

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