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    Hello All

    I am looking for something again and would like to call on your shopping expertise.

    I need Swarovski rivoli 1122 in a range of size and colours and Swarovski 1201 27mm in a range of colours, preferrably UK seller.

    Does anyone know where I can get them. I am suffering with anxiety, I have just bought a new book and want to get cracking on the projects like yesterday but can't seem to find what I want. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease Help before I completely crack up with frustration.

    Thank you very much

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    I bet you've got Laura McCabe's book! I sell Crystal AB 27mm, which are the only one's Swarovski does - the coloured one's are 'after market colours'. Beads & Beyond, a US site, do colours, but they are at shows around the US until next month. 1122 rivolis are on my website, and I am due the 18mm Vitrail, but they are still being admired by customs I think! Have a look.


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      Yes I do have the book and you have it too I suspect, your designs are stunning, I hope I can produce some good designs of my own once I get the bits.
      I had a quick look at your sites and will be back tomorrow, if I don't go and feed the kids they'll start munching on each other. Beads and jewellery overtake my whole existence sometimes, it gives me a headache, although I suspect I am not alone. I just wish I didn't spend hours on the computer sourcing products when I'd rather be creating wonderful peices of art.

      Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated.


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        I don't have the book Angela..............I have a history of drawing designs with rivolis and then finding out Laura did 'em already! I love her work, but there are a few of us using rivolis now because they're just so much fun! One tip though, the 18mm rivolis are getting very scarce - I've looked all over, but I can only find crystal ABs without paying through the nose. I ordered my Vitrails - greeny/honey colour - over 3 weeks ago, so they must be coming soon................!
        Got the link wrong for the US ones.........
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          "I just wish I didn't spend hours on the computer sourcing products when I'd rather be creating wonderful peices of art."

          That's exactly what I wish for myself,too...
          I think I may be too shy and I may need some more self-confidence, as I'm always looking around for info,techniques,etc..and I rarely do my beading and my clay stuff,nowadays!!Not the best way to improve, is it?
          Have you all gone through this stage,guys, in which you are..let's say, never really ready to do something "seriously",as you think you won't be able to do all the beautiful things you see around and that "others"are making?
          Please,say yes...I'm sometimes discouraged..
          xx ary


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            If it's any help I have some 14mm rivolis on my gemstoneboutique website. Five colours are up on there at the moment, with another 3 colours to add as soon as I get a moment (hopefully tomorrow).

            And Ari, I know exactly what you mean - it took me ages before I was at all confident in what I was doing, and I still have days when I give up in despair thinking I'm not any good. Trick is to just keep going though - one thing I have learned is that what looks like 'Mickey Mouse' to you, can be full of 'wow' to someone else, because we all think differently and all have different ways of expressing ourselves. Something you admire that someone else has done, they may well think is so obvious they are ashamed of it. Everything has its own value, and you have your place along with everyone else.

            Gosh, it's late, and I'm rambling. Hope this makes sense.