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Storing finished jewellery

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  • Storing finished jewellery

    I really need to get off this forum today as I'm not getting any work done!

    I was just wondering what you do with the jewellery you've made, ready to sell? I used to put mine in the little plastic bags the beads come in, but found it a bit fiddly when I have parties or fairs and it takes ages to get out to display and then put back again afterwards. And I've rolled it all up in tissue paper which makes it easier to transport and take out for displays, but then when I get home, I have to store it somehow and don't know how. And I've put them in jewellery boxes but then I can't see what's in them and if someone orders something, I have to look through all the boxes to find what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone have any genius ideas? Sorry if it's a daft question.

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    Its not a daft question at all, I dont know if I have the answer but i can tell you what I do.

    When Ive made a piece I wrap it up in loo roll, put it in a grip seal bag with a badly drawn picture of it on a piece of paper, the price I think I should sell it at and any info I think i may need like 'need to add crimp covers'.Then I put it in one of those plastic multi draw thingies you can get.You know the ones, all plastic, on wheels, some are big, some are small.
    i try to put like with like, so wooden bead necklace sin one draw, all swarovski in another,etc.

    It is very annoying having to unwrap them.A reason why I dont do craft fairs or parties.But it makes sense ot make sure things dont chip.

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      I put all mine in grip seal bags and take them out for display and then put them back in the bags if they don't sell.

      Sorry, but I don't think there is a way around it!

      Doesn't take that long to be honest and I personally find it very therapeutic to sort all my jewels!


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        I keep mine in empty biscuit tins and add an anti tarnish tab to the tin to keep the silver in good condition I am way too untidy to be organised with bags and stuff
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          I put several beaded necklaces together ( probably 6 or 7 ) in a zip top plastic sandwich bag and the same with bracelets, so it is easy to get them out and put away again after a fair, and in between they keep reasonably clean.
          Any pendants with chains go in a large box made for rings. One chain is put into each ring slot with the pendants hanging loose and then I put the lid on. That way the chains don't get tangled. I have found they don't tarnish very much this way.
          I always take a polishing cloth with me and put any tarnished things to one side then polish them and put them out during the first 10 minutes of the fair.



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            Well, you ALL sound very organised to me



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              As soon as I've finished a piece, I tag it, price it, and pop it in an organza bag ( or box if its one of my loaded charm bracelets). I try to remember to add it to my inventory list. Then I pop it in one of my cliptop big see throu boxes that are in my craft fair I'm always ready to go on the morning of the craft etsy bits go in the stackable drawers ,like the ones seahorse mentioned.
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                Jewellery can tarnish so its important to have it in air tight bags when storing.

                I have a photo on the outside of the bag printed off to show whats inside


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                  I don't do fairs or parties - just the market so its fairly easy for me. I use small gripseal bags for earrings and put that bag inside a larger one with the matching necklace &/or bracelets. They're then stored in one of the drawer thingies until there's a free bust to use on display.

                  If I make several colours of the same design I tend to use the re-sealable sandwich bags (cost about £1 for 40 from Wilkinsons) and one pack of those will last months cos they just keep getting re-used.

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                    I have just bought some Aluminium cases that are lined with felt, so they double up for display and storage.

                    I use mine at the moment to separate my Ebid from my Ebay Jewellery.

                    I have display busts around the house with my unlisted handmade goods.....haven't decided on how I am storing those just yet!!

                    I also have some gift boxes with glass topped lids, though these were a joblot from ebay.

                    I am going to design a way using my aluminium cases better though!!

                    If you have the time either the ziplock clear bag or the Photo label sound pretty good ideas.




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                      I buy small zip lock plastic bags from my bead supplier and pop each finished piece into it. It does protect the pieces and prevents silver etc from tarnishing. I then have separate boxes for my different ranges and put each piece in the appropriate box.

                      I gave up putting tags on them as I love each piece so much that I wear it at sometime or another and don't want to go around with the tag hanging from the back of the necklace. I'm not organised enough to put the tag back on!!


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                        I have just received back from a friend, who sells my jewellery in the salon where she works, over half of my jewellery stock. It hasn't been displayed or stored correctly and the nice sets that I had done with sterling silver beads, clasps and everything (I don't always do this) the beads and clasps on them have now tarnished,making a more expensive set look not so...
                        Can anyone suggest how I can clean these up or any suggestions at all?
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                          I have started putting my finished work in their individual presentation boxes with a small stick on label saying what item it is and they go into a biger storage box.

                          Fuchsia fairy I recently went through the old items I made years ago when I first started and didn't have the conviction that my work was good enough to sell so it just went in an old shoe box on the top shelf in the work room. Some of the items had tarnished I cleaned them up with the silver polish we use for the silver ornaments I dont know if it is acceptable but they look great now. also I am more confident now so a few minor tweaks and they will be going on sale


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                            Thank you! I too have just ordered some small black boxes (unfortunately I couldn't get any anywhere in my trademark hot pink!!!) for storage of some items, am going to see how that works out before I consider moving over to them for everything
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                              Originally posted by Kiamyka View Post
                              add an anti tarnish tab to the tin
                              Where can I get some of these? Please!
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