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    I am wanting to buy some silver chains

    First question, sterling or plated? Obviously there will be a price difference, but what's the general feeling?

    Second Question: ebay - loads of .925 sterling silver on ebay, it says it's hallmarked, it's from china..... what's the feeling on this, after all the chat over the last few months of being aware of what you are buying from foreign places and the obvious nickel rules in the EU, d'ya reckon this is actually going to be silver?

    Anyone got a price range I should be expecting to pay for silver chains?

    I usually work in silver plate rather than silver, so I have absolutely no idea what I should be paying for them

    Any help much appreciated

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    I have not bought any chains from china, though I think most of the chains bought in this country from the main suppliers come from there.
    I have found P J Beads have the best prices, and the chains are good quality. Somewhere around £1.30 to £1.50 for the fine (2mm) curb or trace chains. These are the same as the £5 necklaces sold in the high street jewellers. They are not known for being quick to send though, so order in plenty of time - at least 3 weeks before you need them. I have not ordered from them for a while so they may have got better.
    Other than that, cooksons gold and palmers metal are both good suppliers and quick to send.



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      I really wouldn't like to say about the chains from china but you could try


      on ebay, he has auctions and buy it nows on all his chains, I have bought from him loads of times and never been disappointed

      while china may seem a cheaper option there is always the worry the items may disappoint once they arrive or not arrive at all, also you have to take into account import fees which can sting you and make your bargain buy not so much of a bargain after all

      Hope this helps
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        I've bought silver chains from China and to be honest I've been more than happy with the quality...although I'm sure one supplier can differ from the next. They're stamped...not hallmarked though. Be careful of your wording on that because i've got a 925 stamp...I can 'stamp' a piece of cardboard, doesn't make it silver. I don't buy from China anymore because I got sick of waiting for things.
        I never buy silver plated chains. They have to be more of a hardwearing item so you're liable to have more issues with them.
        In terms of pricing can pay anything from £10-£20 for 10 chains, depending on the style. Trace and curb are cheaper, snake slightly more pricey.... I've also used Markylis and I recommend them too.
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          I personallly wouldn't buy "sterling" chains from chinese ebay sellers (although I do buy other things quite happily). I once ordered 12 to test them and they were fine, dirt cheap and decent quality so I ordered 50 but when they arrived they were the cheapest nastiest I've ever seen. I'd also ordered some "sterling" bracelets and pendants but when they arrived they were stamped "Tiffany" although there was no mention of this in the listing, they'd also never seen sterling! If I'd have known this I would never have bought them.

          I now stick to British suppliers and have used Markylis several times.

          On the subject of "sterling" - I'm led to believe that it can only be called sterling silver if it has been to the Assay Office and they have verified it. However you can sell it as 925 silver which has exactly the same silver content as sterling. I'm open to correction if I've got this wrong!

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