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  • New commisisons!

    Oooh I'm so excited now I can burst! So just wanted to share with someone

    A lady at work just emailed me with an order for 2 bracelets as Christmas presents for her nieces (twins). She'd like both bracelets to be garnet & gold, but they need to be different. One girl is very musical so I need to find some musical instrument charms & one is a bookworm and loves butterflies. So some book & butterfly charms would be lovely.

    She'd like to pay between £25-£30 each.

    Now I would like these 2 bracelets to be the best pieces of jewellery I've ever made, as this lady is lovely and I think she has very high expectations. And I know if she's happy with them, she'll hopefully remember me if she needs anything else made in future.

    So I've decided to use faceted garnet beads, gold-filled findings and I will try to find some gold-filled charms, but not sure how easy or affordable they will be.

    But for wire wrapping, I'd like to use gold-filled wire, but it's sooo expensive!!! Would it matter if I use gold-filled for my headpins & jumprings, etc. but good quality gold plated wire for the wrapping?

    They live in Canada and she's going over there in 2 weeks so I don't have much time.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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    congratulations on your commisions cant help you with your questions but im sure someone will be along soon to help
    Jan xx


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      I haven't used gold plated wire but I know that silver plated wire doesn't last well and rubs off quite quickly.
      Could you make them with beadalon/softflex gold wire but still use goldfill for the clasps etc.
      I've had a look round and has .6mm (14g) wire in 1metre lengths and a good range of GF findings or which has a good range of wire sizes, which is cheaper but they only sell in large lengths.



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        I've bought GF wire from this ebay seller

        You can either buy an ounce or just a 5' length (and the prices haven't changed for months)


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          First of all - congratulations! I hope everything goes well.

          I don't seen any problem mixing gold-filled and gold-plated, as long as it's reflected in the price. I think as long as someone knows and understands the quality of the metal you're using, then it shouldn't be a problem. In fact, people might well prefer the cheaper options that still give the look of gold but without the high price tag.

          And at the prices your customer wants to pay, pure gold is out of the question, I'd say.

          Do hope it goes well and you can source the charms you're after.