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I've lost my jewellery mojo :(

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  • I've lost my jewellery mojo :(

    I had a stand at DS's school fair a couple of weeks ago and sold a lot of my stock. And I have a stand at a local village fete in 2 weekends and I really need to get on and make stuff, but I've completely lost all motivation and everytime I sit down to make anything, it just doesn't come out right.

    I know there will be other jewellery stalls so I'll have a bit of competition. Can someone give me a huge kick up the backside please?

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    Kick up the backside coming up...
    Well, don't concentrate too much on your lack of inspiration, think positive. Think of what you want to do with your profits (probably buying more beads, sounds like a treat to me) and aim for that.
    Hope you get creating lots of gorgeous things soon.
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      Here's another kick! Have you got any particular designs that you have done before which you really really liked and can do without too much difficulty? Perhaps that would be a starting point and once you get going the motivation will come back. I am not an expert on this as I do cards, but I know the feeling when suddenly no inspiration there. Good luck and hope the motivation comes zooming back.


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        Kick kick. I was about to say the same about making tried and tested stuff that you know always works well for you. If I lack inspiration I take a good look around at wjat is in the shops and then put my own spin on it. I'm sure once the pressure of getting ready for the fair kicks in you will be inspired.


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          Maybe you are being too critical ..try making a few items and just displaying them there in front of you...don't analyse them as you do them ... as they mingle together it can spur you on to add to the display
          Chris xx
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            Just have a play with your beads and the colours may inspire you..

            Hope it comes back. My mojo left me for 6 months last year and it was only by doing another craft that it came back.

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              Perhaps you should make multiples of bestselling items, instead of creating new designs? That way you have adequate stock- when something sells you can put out another, and then you don't have to worry about creativity!

              I have the opposite problem at the moment and can't make enough, which is a problem now I'm out of packaging and should be making duplicates just as I've mentioned! :S
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                Thanks guys. I've had a look through my inventory of sold items and making similar ones. But I have butter fingers today (I'm a bit hormonal iykwim - sorry boys) and I get really clumsy at certain times of the month so I keep dropping everything. I decided to give it a rest for today as my mood is definitely showing through my jewellery.

                I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow and will be able to get on with it more.



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                  Defo make the things that have been selling!
                  I get days when I dont like naything I make or they go bad.
                  Im currently cursing myself as I seem to be unable to stick diamantes down in 2 parallel neat rows!But I keep thinking hopefully nobody else will notice.
                  Maybe give yourself a break for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.


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                    Yes! Stand still!! I had my walking boots on too so I bet you felt that!!!!
                    Just keep telling yourself how good you are , which must be true if most of your stock went. Just think about all the shoes and frocks you can buy with the money you make!! Sue xx


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                      I drop things all over the place at certain times too! I have flicked seed beads all over the place before

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                        I'm not going to give you a kick - if its that time then you'll probably kick me back.

                        Leave it alone for today, relax, have a nice soak in a scented bath, maybe even a couple of glasses of whatever you fancy, and get an early night, then start again tomorrow.

                        And like someone said earlier - don't be critical about your work. Throw together some easy stuff like a few charm bracelets or some spaced out necklaces (don't know what to call them.... thread with only a few carefully placed beads on that are held in place with crimps or knots).

                        The stuff that you make easiest and quickest are just as impressive as the tricky stuff to customers that have no idea how to begin making jewellery.

                        Once you get a few simple items under your belt then you'll most likely be inspired to make a few really special pieces.

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                          I agree with whats been said, everyone gets like that.

                          I looked at your website which looks great and your stuff is really nice. Its a good idea to do similar things to what has sold as at least you know it is popular. You can do items in a few different colours so you are building up stock but dont have to think up new designs.

                          Donna x


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                            when my brain goes into "sleepy mode" I get out my little girl's colouring books and pencils and relax. I say to myself "im going to colour everything on this page green" or blue or pink, etc. it gives me a little inspiration then I chuck a handful of green beads in a big bowl and swirl them around.....viola!! I start making necklaces again!!

                            often we just need to relax and let it out and not get too uptight. It will definately come together, so just go with the flow...

                            maiden xx


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                              Thanks everyone Had a much better day today and ended up making 4 charm bracelets in the same style as the ones I used to make when I started making jewellery (with nicer loops, mind you). They sold then and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't go back to the drawing board every now and then

                              Thanks for reminding me that people have bought my stuff in the past, so they must obviously like it

                              I'm off to make some matching earrings for all these new bracelets.