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Naming your finished jewellery pieces

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  • Naming your finished jewellery pieces

    I'd rate myself as pretty creative when it comes to making jewellery, but I just can't come up with decent names for them. Looking at some of your lovely websites, it looks so much more professional when each piece has a name and just adds to the unique nature of the jewellery. But I get into such a tiz when trying to find decent names for my pieces, that I just let it go as it gets too complicated.

    So how many of you give your jewellery names and do you find it easy/difficult?

    My motto for everyting in life is to keep it simple. So should I just not bother? Or will it become easier if I just keep at it?

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    I dont really name them...I think giving them crazy names is a but unnecessary unless you have a strong theme or concept running through your work. If you dont know what to call them- keep it simple and factual (this is just my opinion). My pieces are are normally called somethign like

    "etched patinated copper brooch with pink leather" (not very interesting I know! but if you use different techniques and such I think people would like to know what processes you have used)


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      I thought I was the only one that had this problem. Whenever I try to come up with a name for my pieces I think they just sound cheesy so I generally don't bother. When I have pieces made with gemstones on display I usually just say what the stones are and sometimes I'll also state their healing properties but that's as far as I go.

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        Ooo, this is a tricky one. I think so much depends on the type of jewellery you sell, the type of website you sell it from and your 'angle'. I'm still not sure whether to name mine or not and if so, what to call them!

        I think it might make it easier for customers if they're named though, gives something to refer to and makes it easier to remember if they visit a site and then revisit again, looking for a favourite piece?

        But I certainly think it helps to know what 'ingredients' have been used and any techniques.

        Sorry I'm not more help! I'm still undecided myself as to whether to name or not . . . and what happens if you start doing it, and then run out of inspriration? Hmm . . .


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          I name mine, although sometime I wish I hadn't started!!

          It's quite hard sometimes to think of names but usually I ask a couple of friends for ideas too - other times the name will come to me as I'm making a piece.

          i try not to name earring though - too many of those to think up ideas for

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            I don't name mine, although I name the wedding stationary collections on my website, after all my nieces, think I may run out soon though!!




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              I name all my finished pieces, always girl's names, and it gives them an added personality. It also makes it a lot easier to account for them on stock!


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                I don't name any of mine - to be honest it had never occured to me to do so. In terms of climbing the SEO ladders when using ecommerce an item title is a key factor so I keep it as descriptive as possible
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                  I started off naming my tiaras after family if anything is a new design I let my customers name them. I name some of my necklaces but not my bracelets or earrings.
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