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  • Saw a bracelet.. a town fair yesterday.It was encrusted with swarovski hearts,at least 10 were used on a silver coloured chain, all boxed up.
    Its cost £32.Is that a reasonable price?

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    If you research jewellery you will see that there is no set formula over pricing. You can charge what you want... now whether anyone will buy it is down to the right customer on the right day etc and nothing more. You liked what you saw!!!
    The basic ingredients would not be that expensive: 10 swarovski hearts would be upto £5.00 at the most and a sterling silver bracelet would be under £10 and if it was just plated would be under £5.00.
    However that is not what you are purchasing. you are purchasing a work of creative art, someone has designed and placed the crystals etc so that they look just right. The intellectual input is important to consider. You could make it for less, but it wouldn't be that very item you saw.
    If you get around to selling the jewellery you make pricing it will probably be the hardest aspect of all!!
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      If this is what I think, you can buy chain with crystal encrusted (sp?) already in little square box, like you describe.
      I too think it depends on the artist, what they charge...
      All their work are unique et a one-off.
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